_by series


#ThreeLittleLies by Sara Ney

  1. Things Liars Say
  2. Things Liars Hide
  3. Things Liars Fake

2 Lovers series by K Webster & J.D. Hollyfield

  1. Text 2 Lovers
  2. Hate 2 Lovers
  3. Thieves 2 Lovers

(The) 'Burg series by Kristen Ashley

  • includes: For You, At Peace, Golden Trail, Games of the Heart, The Promise, and Hold On


A is for Alpha duet by Laurel Ulen Curtis

  • includes: A is for Alpha Male and Secret Alpha

A Billionaire Seduction series by Lola Darling

  • includes: Part One, Part Two and Part Three

A Modern Fairytale series by Katy Regnery

  1. The Vixen and the Vet
  2. Never Let You Go
  3. Ginger's Heart
  4. Dark Sexy Knight
  5. Don't Speak
  6. Shear Heaven
  7. At First Sight
  8. Fragments of Ash
  9. Love is Never Lost

A Real Man series by Jenika Snow

Lumberjack (#1) Virgin (#2) Baby Fever (#3) Experienced (#4)
Roommate (#5) Arrogant (#6) Feral (#7) Dirty (#8)
Viking (#9) Blacksmith (#10) Brutal (#11) Kilt Me (#12)
Mine (#13) Alpha Male (#14) Animal (#15) Nailed (#16)
Baby Maker (#17) Berserker (#18) Just Friends (#19) Big (#20)
Taken (#21) Mountain Man (#22) The Arrangement (#23) Bought (#24)
Wet (#25) One Night (#26) Enemies with Benefits (#27)

Acquisition series by Celia Aaron

  1. Counsellor
  2. Magnate
  3. Sovereign

(The) Agency by Marni Mann

  1. Signed
  2. Endorsed
  3. Contracted
  4. Negotiated
  5. Dominated

Alabama Summer series by J. Daniels

Where I Belong (#1)
All I Want (#2)
When I Fall (#3)
Where We Belong (#4)
What I Need (#5)
So Much More (#5.5)
All We Want (#6)
This Is Us (#7)

Alien Abduction series by Honey Phillips

1. Anna and the Alien
2. Beth and the Barbarian
3. Cam and the Conqueror
4. Deb and the Demon
5. Ella and the Emperor
6. Faith and the Fighter
7. Greta and the Gargoyle
8-13, which includes:
  • Hanna and the Hitman, Izzie and the Icebeast, Joan and the Juggernaut, Kate and the Kraken, Lily and the Lion, and Mary and the Minotaur
14. Nancy and the Naga
15. Olivia and the Orc
16. Pandora and the Prisoner
17. Quinn and the Queller
18. Rita and the Raider
19. Sara and the Spymaster

Aligned series by Ella Miles

  1. Volume 1
  2. Volume 2
  3. Volume 3
  4. Volume 4

All In series by Callie Harper

  1. In Deep
  2. All of Me
  3. All of You
  4. All I Need

All Torn Up by Carian Cole

  1. Torn
  2. Tied

(The) Allure series by R.S. Grey

  • includes: The Allure of Julian Lefray and The Allure of Dean Harper

Alpen Springs by Casey Diam

  1. Can You Hear It
  2. Bad Choices & Heartaches

Alpha Bad Boy MC duet by Bella Love-Wins

  1. Dog Pt.1
  2. Dog Pt.2

Alpha Billionaire Romance series by Sarah J. Brooks

  • includes books 1-10

Alphas Undone by Kendall Ryan

  • includes: Bait & Switch and Slow & Steady

An Unlikely Hero series by Kris Rafferty

  1. Betrayed by a Kiss
  2. Tempted by a Touch
  3. Seduced by Sin

Andino + Haven duet by Bethany-Kris

  1. Duty
  2. Vow

Artefacts of Ouranos by Nisha J. Tuli

  1. Trial of the Sun Queen/Rule of the Aurora King
  2. Fate of the Sun King

Avenues Ink by A.M. Johnson

  1. Possession
  2. Kingdom
  3. Poet


(The) Backstage series by Dani René

  1. Callum (once called Between Love & Fire)
  2. Liam (once called Between Lust & Tears)
  3. Ryan

Bad Boy Alphas by Renee Rose & Lee Savino

  1. Alpha's Temptation
  2. Alpha's Danger
  3. Alpha's Prize
  4. Alpha's Challenge
  5. Alpha's Obsession
  6. Alpha's Desire
  7. Alpha's War
  8. Alpha's Mission
  9. Alpha's Bane
  10. Alpha's Secret

Bad Things series by Cynthia Eden

  1. The Devil in Disguise
  2. On the Prowl
  3. Undead or Alive
  4. Broken Angel
  5. Heart of Stone
  6. Tempted by Fate
  7. Wicked and Wild
  8. Saint or Sinner

Badd Brothers series by Jasinda Wilder

Badd Motherf*cker (#1) Badd Ass (#2) Badd to the Bone (#3) Good Girl Gone Badd (#4)
Badd Luck (#5) Badd Mojo (#6) Big Badd Wolf (#7) Badd Boy (#8)
Badd Kitty (#9) Badd Business (#10) Badd Medicine (#11) Badd Daddy (#12)

Battle Crows MC series by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. Always Someone's Monster
  2. Make Me Your Villain
  3. Rattle Some Cages
  4. Not a Role Model
  5. Get Tragic
  6. Strange & Unusual
  7. Never Trust the Living

Bear Bottom Guardians MC series by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. Mess Me Up
  2. Talkin' Trash
  3. How About No
  4. My Bad
  5. One Chance, Fancy
  6. It Happens
  7. Keep It Classy
  8. Snitches Get Stitches
  9. F-Bomb

(The) Beast series by Jaden Wilkes

  • includes: The Beast, Perfectly Normal, and Little Dove

Beautiful duet by Christine Zolendz

  1. Brutally Beautiful
  2. Cold-Blooded Beautiful

Beautiful Hearts by Emma Scott

  1. Bring Down the Stars
  2. Long Live the Beautiful Hearts

Beauty and the Villain duet by V.F. Mason

  1. Beauty and the Villain
  2. The Heart of a Villain

Beg For It series by Callie Harper

  1. Unleashed
  2. Undone
  3. Untamed
  4. Unbelievable
  5. Undeniable

Belial's Disciples by AJ Adams

  1. Helpless
  2. All Screwed Up

Bellator Saga by Cecilia London

  1. Dissident
  2. Conscience
  3. Sojourn
  4. Phoenix
  5. Rhapsody
  6. Triumph

Beneath by Meghan March

  • includes: Beneath This Mask; Beneath This Ink; Beneath These Chains; and Beneath These Scars

Between Dawn & Dusk series by Jamie Schlosser

  1. The Fae King's Curse
  2. The Fae King's Dream
  3. The Fae King's Prize
  4. The Fae Warrior's Princess

Big Rock series by Lauren Blakely

  1. Big Rock
  2. Mister O
  3. Well Hung
  4. Full Package
  5. Joy Ride
  6. Hard Wood
  7. Stud Finder

Billionaire Bad Boys by Carly Phillips

  1. Going Down Easy
  2. Going Down Fast
  3. Going Down Hard
  4. Going in Deep
  5. Going Down Again

Billionaire with a Twist by Lila Monroe

  • includes: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three

(The) Billionaire's Rules series by Kelly Favor

  • includes: books 1-13

Binghamton series by Meghan Quinn

  1. Co-Wrecker
  2. My Best Friend's Ex
  3. Twisted Twosome
  4. The Other Brother

Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward

Dark Lover (#1) Lover Eternal (#2) Lover Awakened (#3) Lover Revealed (#4)
Lover Unbound (#5) Lover Enshrined (#6) Father Mine (#6.5) Lover Avenged (#7)
Lover Mine (#8) Lover Unleashed (#9) Lover Reborn (#10) Lover at Last (#11)
The King (#12) The Shadows (#13) The Beast (#14) The Chosen (#15)
Dearest Ivie (#15.5) The Thief (#16) Prisoner of Night (#16.5) The Savior (#17)
Where Winter Finds You (#17.5) The Sinner (#18) A Warm Heart in Winter (#18.5) Lover Unveiled (#19)
Lover Arisen (#20) Lassiter (#21) The Beloved (#22)

Black Ink Trilogy by N.M. Catalano

  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Part III

(The) Black Lilith series by Hazel Jacobs

  1. Black Lilith
  2. All or Nothing
  3. Make Me

Black Stallion trilogy by Alta Hensley

  1. Maddox
  2. Stryder
  3. Anson

Blackest Gold by R. Scarlett

  1. Vein of Love
  2. Body of the Crime
  3. A Vow of Thorns
  4. To Crown a Beast
  5. When Sinners Kneel

Blackstone Dynasty by Raine Miller

  1. Filthy Rich
  2. Filthy Lies

Bleeding Hearts duet by A. Zavarelli

  • includes Echo and Stutter

Bleeding Stars by A.L. Jackson

  1. A Stone in the Sea
  2. Drowning to Breathe
  3. Where Lightning Strikes
  4. Wait
  5. Stay
  6. Stand

Blood Bond Saga by Helen Hardt

  1. Unchained
  2. Unhinged
  3. Undaunted
  4. Unmasked
  5. Undefeated

Body Rock series by Nora Flite

  • includes: Hard Body Rock; Slow Body Rock; Flawed Body Rock; and True Body Rock

Bolt Saga by Angel Payne

  1. Bolt
  2. Ignite
  3. Pulse
  4. Fuse
  5. Surge
  6. Light

Bootycall duet by J.D. Hawkins

  • includes both 1 & 2

Borden duet by R.J. Lewis

  • includes part I and II

Boston Terriers series by Jacob Chance

  1. Penalty
  2. Drive
  3. Coach
  4. Tackle
  5. Jock
  6. Score

Boston Underworld by A. Zavarelli

  1. Crow
  2. Reaper
  3. Ghost
  4. Saint
  5. Thief
  6. Conor

Bound4Ireland trilogy by Tricia Daniels

  • includes: Intractable Souls, Souls ReAligned, and Indivisible Souls

Bourbon series by Meghan Quinn

  • includes: Becoming a Jett Girl, Being a Jett Girl, and Forever a Jett Girl

Boys of Winter by S.R. Grey

  1. Destiny on Ice
  2. Resistance on Ice
  3. Complications on Ice
  4. Caution on Ice
  5. Player on Ice
  6. Vows on Ice
  7. Illusion on Ice
  8. Forbidden on Ice
  9. Bet on Ice
  10. Dare on Ice
  11. Risk on Ice

Brando duet by J.D. Hawkins

  • includes both 1 & 2

Breach series by K.I. Lynn

  1. Breach
  2. Infraction
  3. Reciprocity
  4. Breached

Breeding by Alexa Riley

  1. Coach
  2. Mechanic
  3. Thief
  4. Kingpin
  5. Mobster
  6. Judge
  7. Con Artist

Brewhouse series

  1. Giving It Up
  2. Pin Me Down
  3. Kiss Me Now

Brilliance trilogy by Lisa Renee Jones

  1. A Reckless Note
  2. A Wicked Song
  3. A Sinful Encore

Broken series by Azure Boon

  • includes: Broken Desires, Broken Lies, Broken Souls, and Broken Free

Broken and Screwed series by Tijan

  • includes books 1 and 2

Broken Girl duet by Annie Hughes

  1. Beyond Repair
  2. Beyond Bruised

Broken Love series by BB Reid

  • includes: Fear Me, Fear You, and Fear Us

(The) Burrows by Tara Brown

  • includes: The End of Me, The End of Games, The End of You, and The End of Tomorrow


Cafe series by Jana Aston

Caged trilogy by Shay Savage

  • includes: Takedown Teague, Trapped and Released

Calling Me trilogy by Louise Bay

  • includes: Calling Me Back; Calling Me Away; and Calling Me Home

Captured by Love duet by Miranda P. Charles

  • includes: The Unwilling Executive and The Unyielding Bachelor

Careless Whispers trilogy by Lisa Renee Jones

  1. Denial
  2. Demand
  3. Surrender

Carnal Mischief series by Ember Cole

  1. Stiff Discipline
  2. Private Prick
  3. Unlawful Entry

Cat and Mouse duet by H.D. Carlton

  1. Satan's Affair
  2. Haunting Adeline
  3. Hunting Adeline

Cerulean Chronicles by TJ Klune

  1. The House in the Cerulean Sea
  2. Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Change of Heart duet by Scarlett Edwards

  • includes books 1 and 2

Changing Colors duet by N.A. Alcorn

  • includes: Forget and Blur

Chaos series by S.M. Soto

  1. Deception and Chaos
  2. Blood and Chaos
  3. Love and Chaos

Chestnut Springs series by Elsie Silver

  1. Flawless
  2. Heartless
  3. Powerless
  4. Reckless
  5. Hopeless

Chianti Kisses by Tara Oakes

  1. Baby V
  2. Boss
  3. Betrayed

Chicago Syndicate by Soraya Naomi

  1. For Cesare
  2. For Fallon
  3. For Luca
  4. For Logan
  5. Black Hat Hacker
  6. The Lawyer and the Tramp
  7. For the Love of Luca
  8. The Man in Black
  9. For Christiano, With Hate

(The) Chicago War series by Bethany-Kris

  1. Deathless & Divided
  2. Reckless & Ruined
  3. Scarless & Sacred
  4. Breathless & Bloodstained

Chocolate Lovers series by Tara Sivec

  • includes: Seduction & Snacks; Futures & Frosting: Troubles & Treats; and Hearts and Llamas

Chronicles of the Stone Veil by Sawyer Bennett

  1. The Revelation of Light and Dark
  2. A Discovery of Secrets and Fate
  3. The Evolution of Fae and Gods
  4. A Battle of Blood and Stone
  5. The Rise of Fortune and Fury

Church series by Stylo Fantôme

  1. Church
  2. Preach

Clairmont series by L.J. Wilson

  1. Ruby Ink
  2. The Mission

(The) Cloister Trilogy

  1. The Maiden
  2. The Prophet
  3. The Church

Club Alpha series by Kelly Favor

  • includes: books 1-13

Club Numph by Abby Gale

  1. Violet
  2. Angel
  3. Sage

Club Privé series by M.S. Parker

  • includes books 1-5

Club Privé: French Connection series by M.S. Parker

  • includes books 1-3

Code 11-KPD SWAT by Lani Lynn Vale

Center Mass (#1) Double Tap (#2) Bang Switch (#3) Execution Style (#4)
Charlie Foxtrot (#5) Kill Shot (#6) Coup De Grâce (#7) A SWAT Call Before Christmas (#7.5)

Cold Justice series by Toni Anderson

A Cold Dark Place (#1) Cold Pursuit (#2) Cold Light of Day (#3) Cold Fear (#4)
Cold in the Shadows (#5) Cold Hearted (#6) Cold Secrets (#7) Cold Malice (#8)
A Cold Dark Promise (#9) Cold Blooded (#10) Cold & Deadly (#11) Colder Than Sin (#12)
Cold Wicked Lies (#13) Cold Cruel Kiss (#14) Cold As Ice (#15) Cold Silence (#16)

Commander in Briefs series by Kristy Marie

  1. Pitcher
  2. Commander
  3. Gorgeous
  4. Drifter
  5. Interpreter

Condemned series by Gemma James

(The) Condemned by Alison Aimes

  1. Trapped
  2. Taken
  3. Tormented
  4. Tamed

The Confidence Game by Rachel Higginson

  1. Constant
  2. Consequence

Contrite duet by Kathy Coopmans

  • includes: Contrite and Reprisal

Counterpoints trilogy by Laura Rossi

  1. Volume 1
  2. Volume 2
  3. Volume 3

(The) Court of the Underworld by Alessa Thorn

  1. Asterion
  2. Medusa
  3. Hades
  4. Hermes
  5. Thanatos
  6. Charon
  7. Erebus

Crescent City by Sarah J. Maas

  1. House of Earth and Blood
  2. House of Sky and Breath
  3. House of Flame and Shadow

Cross + Catherine trilogy by Bethany-Kris

  1. Always
  2. Revere
  3. Unruly

(The) Cross series by M.H.B.

  1. Invisible Leash
  2. Invisible Masterpiece

Cyborg Sizzle series by Cynthia Sax

1. Releasing Rage 1.5. Being Green 2. Breathing Vapor 3. Crash and Burn
3.5. Jumping Barrel 4. Defying Death 5. Chasing Mayhem 6. Hers to Command
7. Ghost of a Machine 8. Seeking Vector 8.5. Knowing Zip 9. Taking Vengeance
9.5. Dark Arsenal 9.6 The Cyborg's Secret Baby


Dangerous Love by Stacey Kennedy

  1. Naughty Stranger
  2. Wicked Sinner
  3. Ruthless Bastard

Dangerous Royals by Annika Martin

  1. Dark Mafia Prince
  2. Wicked Mafia Prince
  3. Savage Mafia Prince

Dark series by Christine Feehan

1. Dark Prince 2. Dark Desire 3. Dark Gold 4. Dark Magic
5. Dark Challenge 6. Dark Fire 7. Dark Legend 8. Dark Guardian
9. Dark Symphony 10. Dark Melody 11. Dark Destiny 12. Dark Secret
13. Dark Demon 14. Dark Celebration 15. Dark Possession 16. Dark Curse
17. Dark Slayer 18. Dark Peril 19. Dark Predator 20. Dark Storm
21. Dark Lycan 22. Dark Wolf 23. Dark Blood 24. Dark Ghost
25. Dark Promises 26. Dark Carousel 27. Dark Legacy 28. Dark Sentinel
29. Dark Illusion 30. Dark Song 31. Dark Tarot 32. Dark Whisper
33. Dark Memory

Dark series by Jessica Gadziala

  1. Dark Mysteries
  2. Dark Secrets
  3. Dark Horse

(The) Dark Elements series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

  1. White Hot Kiss
  2. Stone Cold Touch
  3. Every Last Breath

Dark Legacy by Natasha Knight

  1. Taken
  2. Torn
  3. Twisted

Dark Obsession series by Cynthia Eden

  • includes: Watch Me, Want Me, Need Me, and Beware of Me

Dark Protector series by Celia Aaron

  1. Dark Protector
  2. Nate
  3. The Butcher

Dark Protectors series by Rebecca Zanetti

Fated (#1) Claimed (#2) Tempted (#2.5) Hunted (#3)
Consumed (#4) Provoked (#5) Twisted (#5.5) Shadowed (#6)
Tamed (#6.5) Marked (#7) Teased (#7.5) Tricked (#7.75)
Tangled (#7.8) Talen (#7.9) Vampire's Faith (#8) Demon's Mercy (#9)
Vengeance (#9.5) Alpha's Promise (#10) Hero's Haven (#11) Vixen (#11.5)
Guardian's Grace (#12) Vampire (#12.5) Rebel's Karma (#13) Immortal's Honor (#14)
A Vampire's Kiss (#14.5) Garrett's Destiny (#15) A Vampire's Mate (#15.5) Warrior's Hope (#16)

Dartmoor series by Lauren Gilley

  1. Fearless
  2. Price of Angels
  3. Half My Blood
  4. The Skeleton King
  5. Secondhand Smoke
  6. Loverboy
  7. American Hellhound
  8. Shaman
  9. Lone Star
  10. Homecoming
  11. The Wild Charge

Dating by Numbers by Meghan Quinn

  1. Three Blind Dates
  2. Two Wedding Crashers
  3. One Baby Daddy

Deadly series by Cynthia Eden

  1. Deadly Fear
  2. Deadly Heat
  3. Deadly Lies

Death and Moonlight

  1. Step Into My Web
  2. Save Me from the Dark

Decadence After Dark series by M. Never

  • includes: Owned, Claimed and Ruined

(The) Deep Duet by Nana Malone

  1. Deep
  2. Deeper

Deep Ops by Rebecca Zanetti

  1. Hidden
  2. Taken
  3. Fallen
  4. Broken
  5. Driven
  6. Unforgiven
  7. Frostbitten

Deliver series by Pam Godwin

  1. Deliver
  2. Vanquish
  3. Disclaim
  4. Devastate
  5. Take
  6. Manipulate
  7. Unshackle
  8. Dominate
  9. Complicate

DeLuca Duet by Bethany-Kris

  1. Waste of Worth
  2. Worth of Waste

(The) DeLuca Family series by K.A. Ware

  • includes: Omerta and Vendetta

Demonica by Larissa Ione

Demonica Underworld by Larissa Ione

Devil's Cradle by Suzanne Wright

  1. The Wicked in Me
  2. The Nightmare in Him
  3. The Monsters We Are

(The) Devils Dust MC Legacy Series by M.N. Forgy

  1. The Blood That Drives Us
  2. The Long Road to Us
  3. The Prospect Who Saved Us

(The) Devil's Kiss series by Gemma James

  1. The Devil's Kiss
  2. The Devil's Claim
  3. The Devil's Wife
  4. The Devil's Spawn

(The) Devil's Own by Amo Jones

  1. One Hundred & Thirty-six Scars
  2. Hellraiser
  3. Razing Grace: Part 1
  4. Razing Grace: Part 2
  5. The Devil's Match

Devil's Reach series by J.L. Drake

  1. Trigger
  2. Demons
  3. Unleashed

Devlin Black by Alaska Angelini

  • includes: Dom Up, Dom Fever, and This Dom

(The) Dirty Billionaire trilogy by Meghan March

  • includes: Dirty Billionaire; Dirty Pleasures; and Dirty Together

Dirty Deeds series by J. Daniels

  1. Four Letter Word
  2. Hit the Spot
  3. Bad for You
  4. Down Too Deep

Dirty Girl duet by Meghan March

  • includes: Dirty Girl and Dirty Love

Dirty Money series by Lisa Renee Jones

  1. Hard Rules
  2. Damage Control
  3. Bad Deeds
  4. End Game

Dirty Nasty Freaks trilogy by Callie Hart

  1. Dirty
  2. Nasty
  3. Freaks

Dirty Players series by Tia Louise

  1. The Dirty Players duet
  2. Dirty Dealers

Dirty Rich series by Lisa Renee Jones

  1. Dirty Rich One Night Stand
  2. Dirty Rich Cinderella Story
  3. Dirty Rich Obsession
  4. Dirty Rich Betrayal
  5. Dirty Rich Cinderella Story: Ever After

(The) Dixie Warden Rejects MC by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. Beard Mode
  2. Fear the Beard
  3. Son of a Beard
  4. I'm Only Here for the Beard
  5. The Beard Made Me Do It
  6. Beard Up
  7. For the Love of Beard
  8. Law & Beard

Dogwood Lane by Adriana Locke

  1. Tumble
  2. Tangle
  3. Trouble

Dollar series by Pepper Winters

  1. Pennies
  2. Dollars
  3. Hundreds
  4. Thousands
  5. Millions

Dominion series by Juliette Cross

  1. Darkest Heart
  2. Hardest Fall
  3. Coldest Fire

Dragon Tails by Aja James

  1. Dream of Dragons
  2. Song of Dragons
  3. Wish of Dragons
  4. Myth of Dragons
  5. Truth of Dragons
  6. Heart of Dragons
  7. Gift of Dragons
  8. Embrace of Dragons
  9. Kiss of Dragons

Dream Team series by Kristen Ashley

  1. Quiet Man
  2. Dream Maker
  3. Dream Chaser
  4. Dream Spinner
  5. Dream Keeper

(The) Dumonts by Karina Halle

  1. Discretion
  2. Disarm
  3. Disavow

Duskwalker Brides series by Opal Reyne

  1. A Soul to Keep
  2. A Soul to Heal
  3. A Soul to Touch
  4. A Soul to Guide


(The) Eden trilogy by Georgia Le Carre

  • includes books 1-3

(The) Edge series by CD Reiss

  1. Rough Edge
  2. On the Edge
  3. Broken Edge
  4. Over the Edge

(The) Edge series by Ellie Danes

  • includes: Edge of Attraction, Edge of Lust, Edge of Desire, Edge of Passion, Edge of Ecstasy, Edge of Love, and Edge of Bliss

Elite King's Club by Amo Jones

  1. The Silver Swan
  2. The Broken Puppet
  3. Tacet a Mortuis
  4. Malum: Part 1
  5. Malum: Part 2
  6. Sancte Diaboli: Part One
  7. Sancte Diaboli: Part Two
  8. Ruined Castles

(The) Elite Seven series

  1. Lust by Ker Dukey
  2. Pride by J.D. Hollyfield
  3. Wrath by Claire C. Riley
  4. Envy by M.N. Forgy
  5. Gluttony by K Webster
  6. Sloth by Giana Darling
  7. Greed by Ker Dukey & K Webster

Ember Glen trilogy by Brynn Ford

  • includes: Spark of Madness, Blaze of Misery, and Embers of Mercy

Empathy series by Ker Dukey

  1. Empathy
  2. Desolate
  3. Vacant
  4. Deadly

(The) Empire State trilogy by Louise Bay

  • includes: A Week in New York; Autumn in London; and New Year in Manhattan

(The) Empyrean by Rebecca Yarros

  1. Fourth Wing
  2. Iron Flame

End of Men series by Tarryn Fisher

  1. Folsom
  2. Jackal
  3. Kasper

Erotic Fairy Tale series (Red & Wolfe) by Ella James

  • includes books 1-4

Everhart Brothers by Claudia Y. Burgoa

  1. Fall For Me
  2. Fervent
  3. Found
  4. Forever with Me

(The) Evolution Gene by Aaron Hodges

  1. The Genome Project
  2. The Pursuit of Truth
  3. Carnage


Fairytale Shifters Collection by Alexa Riley

  • includes: Riding Red, Beauty Sleeps, Finding Snow, Three Bad Wolves, and Growling For More

(The) Fallen Men series by Giana Darling

  1. Lessons in Corruption
  2. Welcome to the Dark Side
  3. Good Gone Bad
  4. After the Fall
  5. Inked in Lies
  6. Dead Man Walking
  7. Caution to the Wind

Fatal Series by Marie Force

Fatal Affair (#1) Fatal Justice (#2) Fatal Consequences (#3) Fatal Destiny (#3.5)
Fatal Flaw (#4) Fatal Deception (#5) Fatal Mistake (#6) Fatal Jeopardy (#7)
Fatal Scandal (#8) Fatal Frenzy (#9) Fatal Identity (#10) Fatal Threat (#11)
Fatal Chaos (#12) Fatal Invasion (#13) Fatal Reckoning (#14) Fatal Accusation (#15)
Fatal Fraud (#16)

Fight for Her series by J.J. Knight

  • includes: Volume 1, 2, 3 and 4

Fighting series by J.B. Salsbury

Fighting for Flight (#1)
Fighting to Forgive (#2)
Fighting to Forget (#3)
Fighting the Fall (#4)
A Father's Fight (#4.5)
Fighting for Forever (#5)
Fighting Fate (#6)
The Final Fight (#7)

Filthy by Lisa Renee Jones

  1. The Bastard
  2. The Princess
  3. The Empire

Filthy by Megan D. Martin

  • includes books 1-6

Filthy Dirty Love series by Stacey Kennedy

  1. Heartbreaker
  2. Skirt Chaser

Filthy Marcellos by Bethany-Kris

  • includes: Antony, Lucian, Giovanni, and Dante

Finding Me duet by K.L. Kreig

  1. Lost in Between
  2. Found Underneath

Finding Sabrina series by Marissa Honeycutt

  1. Master of My Body
  2. Master of My Heart
  3. Master of My Life

Fool Me Once series by Tara Sivec

  • includes: Shame on You; Shame on Me; and Shame on Him

For Me series by Cynthia Eden

  1. Die For Me
  2. Fear For Me
  3. Scream For Me

Forgotten Brotherhood by N.J. Walters

  1. Fury Unleashed
  2. Arctic Bite
  3. Burning Ash
  4. Bjorn Cursed
  5. Ancient Desire
  6. Hunter Avenged

Freebirds series by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. Boomtown
  2. Highway Don't Care
  3. Another One Bites the Dust
  4. Last Day of My Life
  5. Texas Tornado
  6. I Don't Dance

Friends With Benefits by Luke Young

  • includes: Friends with Partial Benefits; Friends with Full Benefits; Friends with More Benefits; Friends with Extra Benefits; Friends with Too Many Benefits; and Friends with Multiple Benefits

Full Hearts series by MJ Summers

  • includes: Break in Two; Don't Let Go; Breaking Love; and Breaking Clear

Fuse series by E.L. Todd

  • includes: Fuse, Ashe, Fury and Slay


Galactic Kings by Anna Hackett

  1. Overlord
  2. Emperor
  3. Captain of the Guard
  4. Conqueror

(The) Game of Life by Belle Brooks

  1. One Fear
  2. Two Footsteps
  3. Three Breaths
  4. Four Hearts
  5. Five Fights

Gator Bait MC series by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. Nobody Cares Unless You're Pretty
  2. Good Trouble
  3. Cute But Psycho
  4. Annoyed at First Sight
  5. The Voices Are Back
  6. Special Kind of Twisted
  7. I'll Just Date Myself

Getting Some series by Emma Chase

  1. Getting Schooled
  2. Getting Played
  3. Getting Real

GhostWalkers series by Christine Feehan

1. Shadow Game 2. Mind Game 3. Night Game 4. Conspiracy Game
5. Deadly Game 6. Predatory Game 7. Murder Game 8. Street Game
9. Ruthless Game 10. Samurai Game 11. Viper Game 12. Spider Game
13. Power Game 14. Covert Game 15. Toxic Game 16. Lethal Game
17. Lightning Game 18. Phantom Game 19. Ghostly Game

(The) Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi

  1. The Gilded Wolves
  2. The Silvered Serpents
  3. The Bronzed Beasts

Goddess Isles by Pepper Winters

  1. Once a Myth
  2. Twice a Wish
  3. Third a Kiss
  4. Fourth a Lie
  5. Fifth a Fury

Gods of the Duat by Alessa Thorn

  1. Set
  2. Thoth
  3. Anubis

Gods of War by Gena Showalter

  1. Shadow and Ice
  2. Frost and Flame

Golden Crown series by Rue Volley

  • includes: The Bitter End; The Twin Dragons; and The Gold Crown

(The) Good Guys series by Jamie Schlosser

  1. Trucker
  2. Dancer
  3. Dropout
  4. Outcast
  5. Magic Man
  6. Loner

Grip series by Kennedy Ryan

  1. Flow
  2. Grip
  3. Still

Guardians of the Realms by Setta Jay

  1. Ecstasy Unbound
  2. Ecstasy Claimed
  3. Denying Ecstasy
  4. Tempting Ecstasy
  5. Piercing Ecstasy
  6. Binding Ecstasy
  7. Searing Ecstasy
  8. Divine Ecstasy
  9. Storm of Ecstasy
  10. Eternal Ecstasy

Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh

Angels' Blood (#1) Archangel's Kiss (#2) Archangel's Consort (#3) Archangel's Blade (#4)
Archangel's Storm (#5) Archangel's Legion (#6) Archangel's Shadows (#7) Archangel's Enigma (#8)
Archangel's Heart (#9) Archangel's Viper (#10) Archangel's Prophecy (#11) Archangel's War (#12)
Archangel's Sun (#13) Archangel's Light (#14) Archangel's Resurrection (#15) Archangel's Lineage (#16)

Gun Moll duet by Bethany-Kris

  1. Gun Moll
  2. Gangster Moll

Guzzi Duet by Bethany-Kris

  1. Unraveled
  2. Entangled

(The) Guzzi Legacy series by Bethany-Kris

  1. Corrado
  2. Alessio
  3. Chris
  4. Beni
  5. Bene
  6. Marcus


Hail Raisers series by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. Hail No
  2. Go to Hail
  3. Burn in Hail
  4. What the Hail
  5. The Hail You Say
  6. Hail Mary

Happy Crazy Love series by Melanie Harlow

  • includes: Some Sort of Happy; Some Sort of Crazy; and Some Sort of Happy

Harmless series by Meli Raine

  1. A Harmless Little Game
  2. A Harmless Little Ruse
  3. A Harmless Little Plan

Hate Story by Mary Catherine Gebhard

  1. Beast: The Beginning
  2. Beauty: The End

Heartache Duet by Jay McLean

  1. Heartache and Hope
  2. First and Forever

Hearts series by L.H. Cosway

  • includes: Six of Hearts, Macabre Magic, Hearts of Fire, and King of Hearts
  • Hearts of Blue (#4)
  • Thief of Hearts (#5)
  • One Epic Night (#5.5)
  • Hearts on Air (#6)

Heaven Hill series by Laramie Briscoe

  • includes: Meant to Be, Out of Darkness, Losing Control, and Worth the Battle

Hell Squad by Anna Hackett

1. Marcus 2. Cruz 3. Gabe 4. Reed
5. Roth 6. Noah 7. Shaw 8. Holmes
9. Niko 10. Finn 11. Devlin 12. Theron
13. Hemi 14. Ash 15. Levi 16. Manu
17. Griff 18. Dom 19. Survivors 20. Tane

Hell's Kitchen series by Callie Hart

  1. Hell's Kitchen
  2. Tribeca
  3. Bleecker Street

Hellbound Lovers MC by Crimson Syn

1. Wolf 2. Grayson 3. Riggs 4. Cain
5. Seth 6. Gunner 7. Diesel 8. Knox
9. Ryder 10. Bear 11. Hail

Hellions Ride by Chelsea Camaron

  1. One Ride
  2. Forever Ride
  3. Merciless Ride
  4. Eternal Ride
  5. Innocent Ride
  6. Simple Ride
  7. Heated Ride
  8. Originals Ride
  9. Final Ride

(The) Heroes of The Dixie Wardens MC series by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. Lights to My Siren
  2. Halligan to My Axe
  3. Kevlar to My Vest
  4. Keys to My Cuffs
  5. Life to My Flight
  6. Charge to My Line
  7. Counter to My Intelligence
  8. Right to My Wrong

His Agenda series by Dori Lavelle

  • includes: Veiled Obsession, Dangerous Intentions, and Broken Illusions

His Gift series by Aubrey Dark

  • includes: books 1-5

Hitman series by Jessica Clare

  • includes: Last Hit, Last Gift, Last Breath, and Last Hit
  • Last Kiss
  • Last Hope

Holding You duet by Jewel E. Ann

  • includes: Holding You and Releasing Me

Honey Badger Chronicles by Shelly Laurenston

  1. Hot and Badgered
  2. In a Badger Way
  3. Badger to the Bone
  4. Breaking Badger

Hoops series by Kennedy Ryan

  1. Long Shot
  2. Block Shot
  3. Hoops Holiday
  4. Hook Shot
  5. Fast Break

How to Date a Douchebag by Sara Ney

  1. The Studying Hours
  2. The Failing Hours
  3. The Learning Hours
  4. The Coaching Hours
  5. The Lying Hours

(The) Huntress series by Dawn Robertson & Kristen Hope Mazzola

  1. The Huntress
  2. The Hopeless
  3. The Nameless


I Like Big Dragons series by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. I Like Big Dragons and I Cannot Lie
  2. Dragons Need Love, Too
  3. Oh, My Dragon

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

Ice Planet Barbarians (#1) Barbarian Alien (#2) Barbarian Lover (#3) Barbarian Mine (#4)
Barbarian's Prize (#5) Barbarian's Mate (#6) Barbarian's Touch (#7) Barbarian's Taming (#8)
Barbarian's Heart (#9) Barbarian's Hope (#10) Barbarian's Choice (#11) Barbarian's Redemption (#12)
Barbarian's Lady (#13) Barbarian's Rescue (#14) Barbarian's Tease (#15) Barbarian's Beloved (#16)
Barbarian's Seduction (#17) Barbarian's Treasure (#18) Barbarian's Bride (#19)

Ignite Duet by Tara Sivec

  • includes: Burned and Branded

Illusions Duet by Lily White

  1. Illusions of Evil
  2. Fear the Wicked

(The) IMA series by Nenia Campbell

  1. Cloak and Dagger
  2. Armed and Dangerous
  3. Locked and Loaded
  4. Cease and Desist

Immortal Curse by Lexi C. Foss

  1. Blood Laws
  2. Forbidden Bonds
  3. Blood Heart
  4. Elder Bonds
  5. Blood Bonds
  6. Angel Bonds
  7. Blood Seeker
  8. Blood Burden
  9. Wicked Bonds
  10. Blood King
  11. Assassin Bonds

Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. series by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

  1. Immortal Matchmakers, Inc.
  2. Tommaso
  3. God of Wine
  4. Goddess of Forgetfulness
  5. Colel
  6. Brutus
  7. God of Temptation

Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole

The Warlord Wants Forever (#0.5) A Hunger Like No Other (#1) No Rest for the Wicked (#2) Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night (#3)
Dark Needs at Night's Edge (#4) Dark Desires After Dusk (#5) Kiss of a Demon King (#6) Untouchable (#7)
Pleasure of a Dark Prince (#8) Demon from the Dark (#9) Dreams of a Dark Warrior (#10) Lothaire (#11)
Shadow's Claim (#12) MacRieve (#13) Dark Skye (#14) Sweet Ruin (#15)
Shadow's Seduction (#16) Wicked Abyss (#17) Munro (#18)

In Light of Shadows by Camellia Hart

  1. Chasing Eva
  2. Loving Eva
  3. Killing Eva

In the Company of Killers series by J.A. Redmerski

  1. Killing Sarai
  2. Reviving Izabel
  3. The Swan & The Jackal
  4. Seeds of Inequity
  5. The Black Wolf
  6. Behind the Hands That Kill
  7. Spiders in the Grove
  8. The Darkest Half

Infamous series by N.A. Alcorn

  • includes: The Infamous Ellen James and Avoiding Amy Jackson

Inside Out series by Lisa Renee Jones

  • includes: If I Were You, Being Me, Revealing Us, No In Between, and I Belong to You (and the lost journal volumes)

Interrupted trilogy by S. Moose

  • includes books 1-3

Iron Clad Security by Sidney Halston

  1. Kiss Marry Kill
  2. Last First Kiss
  3. Kiss Kiss Bang

Iron Horse MC by Ann Mayburn

  1. Exquisite Trouble
  2. Exquisite Danger
  3. Exquisite Redemption
  4. Exquisite Karma
  5. Exquisite Innocence
  6. Exquisite Sin

Irresistible series by Stella Rhys

  1. Sweet Spot
  2. Bad Boss
  3. Dirty Deeds
  4. Hothead
  5. Now or Never
  6. Reckless

Irresistible Bachelors by Lauren Landish

  1. Anaconda
  2. Mr. Fiancé
  3. Heartstopper
  4. Stud Muffin
  5. Mr. Fixit
  6. Matchmaker
  7. Motorhead
  8. Baby Daddy
  9. Untamed

It's You duet by Katy Regnery

  1. Part I
  2. Part II


Jack & Jill series by Jewel E. Ann

  • includes: End of Day, Middle of Knight, and Dawn of Forever

Jaded Hollow by Alex Grayson

  1. Beautifully Broken (once titled Shatter Me)
  2. Wickedly Betrayed (once titled Reclaim Me)
  3. Wildly Captivated
  4. Perfectly Tragic

Jaded Regret series by L.L. Collins

  1. Sentenced
  2. Snared
  3. Hartstrings
  4. Exposed

John + Siena duet by Bethany-Kris

  1. Loyalty
  2. Disgrace

Juniper Unraveling series by Keri Lake

  1. Juniper Unraveling
  2. Calico Descending
  3. Kings of Carrion
  4. God of Monsters


Kate and Ian duet by Tracey Garvis Graves

  • includes: Heart-shaped Hack and White-hot Hack

Kick Push duet by Jay McLean

  1. Kick, Push
  2. Coast

Killer Instinct series by Cynthia Eden

  1. After the Dark
  2. Before the Dawn
  3. Into the Night

King Series by T.M. Frazier

    1. King, Tyrant, Lawless, Soulless, and All the Rage
    5. Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part One
    6. Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part Two
    7. Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part Three
    8. Up in Smoke
    9. N9ne: The Tale of Kevin Clearwater
    10. King of the Causeway

Kingdom series by Marie Hall

  • includes: Her Mad Hatter; Gerard's Beauty; Red and Her Wolf; Jinni's Wish; and Hook's Pan

Kings of Mayhem MC by Penny Dee

Books 1-3 (includes: Kings of Mayhem, Brothers in Arms, and Biker Baby)
4. Hell on Wheels
5. Off Limits
6. Bull

Kings of Mayhem MC: Tennessee by Penny Dee

  1. Jack
  2. Doc
  3. Ares

Kingston Ale House by A.J. Pine

  1. The One That Got Away
  2. Six Month Rule
  3. Three Simple Words
  4. Worth the Wait

Kiss of Death series by L.P. Lovell

  1. Make Me
  2. Kill Me
  3. Kiss Me

Knights Corruption MC by S. Nelson

  1. Marek
  2. Stone
  3. Jagger
  4. Tripp
  5. Ryder

KPD Motorcycle Patrol series by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. Hide Your Crazy
  2. It Wasn't Me
  3. I'd Rather Not
  4. Make Me
  5. Sinners are Winners
  6. If You Say So


Laid Bare series by S.R. Grey

  • includes: Exposed, Unveiled, Spellbound, and Sacrifice

Landry Family by Adriana Locke

  1. Sway
  2. Swing
  3. Switch
  4. Swear
  5. Swink
  6. Sweet

Last Call series by Sawyer Bennett

  • includes: On the Rocks; Make It a Double; Sugar on the Edge; With a Twist; and Shaken, Not Stirred

Laurel Snow series by Rebecca Zanetti

  1. You Can Run
  2. You Can Hide
  3. You Can Die

Laws of Physics by Penny Reid

  1. Motion
  2. Space
  3. Time

Lazarus Rising series by Cynthia Eden

  1. Never Let Go
  2. Keep Me Close
  3. Stay With Me
  4. Run to Me
  5. Lie Close to Me
  6. Hold On Tight

(The) Legal Briefs series by Emma Chase

  • includes: Overruled, Sustained, Appealed, and Sidebarred

Legendary Rock Star series by L.B. Dunbar

  • includes: The Legend of Arturo King, The Story of Lansing Lotte, The Quest of Perkins Vale, The Truth of Tristan Lyons, and The Trials of Guinevere DeGrance

Leopard People by Christine Feehan

1. Wild Rain 2. Burning Wild 3. Wild Fire 4. Savage Nature
5. Leopard's Prey 6. Cat's Lair 7. Wild Cat 8. Leopard's Fury
9. Leopard's Blood 10. Leopard's Run 11. Leopard's Wrath 12. Leopard's Rage
13. Leopard's Scar
14. Leopard's Hunt

(The) Life of Anna series by Marissa Honeycutt

  • includes: Enslaved, Entwined, Embraced, Ensnared, and Emerged

Like a Boss duet by Logan Chance

  1. Like a Boss
  2. Love a Boss

Lilah Love series by Lisa Renee Jones

  1. Murder Notes
  2. Murder Girl
  3. Love Me Dead
  4. Love Kills
  5. Bloody Vows
  6. Bloody Love
  7. Happy Death Day
  8. The Party is Over
  9. The Ghost Assassin

(The) List Series by N.K. Love

  • includes: Lost Angel; Dirty Angel; Fallen Angel; and Always Angel

(The) Loan Shark Duet by Charmaine Pauls

  1. Dubious
  2. Consent

Lone Wolf Legacy by N.J. Walters

  1. Taming the White Wolf
  2. Protecting the Gray Wolf

Lords of Deliverance by Larissa Ione

Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter

The Darkest Fire (#0.5) The Darkest Night (#1) The Darkest Kiss (#2) The Darkest Pleasure (#3)
The Darkest Prison (#3.5) The Darkest Whisper (#4) The Darkest Angel (#4.5) The Darkest Facts (#4.7)
The Darkest Passion (#5) The Darkest Lie (#6) The Darkest Secret (#7) The Darkest Surrender (#8)
The Darkest Seduction (#9) The Darkest Craving (#10) The Darkest Touch (#11) The Darkest Torment (#12)
The Darkest Promise (#13) The Darkest Warrior (#14) The Darkest Captive (#14.5) The Darkest Assassin (#14.6)
The Darkest King (#15) The Darkest Destiny (#15.5)

LOST series by Cynthia Eden

  1. Broken
  2. Twisted
  3. Shattered
  4. Torn
  5. Taken
  6. Wrecked

Lost & Found by Catherine Cowles

  1. Whispers of You
  2. Echoes of You

Lost Boys series by L.A. Fiore

  1. Devil You Know
  2. Demon You Love

Lost Planet series by K Webster & Nicole Blanchard

  1. The Forgotten Commander
  2. The Vanished Specialist
  3. The Mad Lieutenant
  4. The Uncertain Scientist
  5. The Lonely Orphan
  6. The Rogue Captain
  7. The Determined Hero
  8. The Arrogant Genius
  9. The Runaway Alien

(The) Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

  1. Cinder
  2. Scarlet
  3. Cress
  4. Winter


Madd CrossFit by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. No Rep
  2. Jerk It
  3. Chalk Dirty to Me

Made Man series by Liliana Rhodes

  1. Soldier
  2. Capo
  3. Boss

Mageri series by Dannika Dark

  1. Sterling, Twist, and Impulse (books 1-3)
  2. Gravity
  3. Shine

Mallick Brothers series by Jessica Gadziala

  1. Shane
  2. Ryan
  3. Mark
  4. Eli
  5. Mallicks: Back to the Beginning

Manwhore series by Katy Evans

  • includes: Manwhore, Manwhore +1, Ms. Manwhore, Ladies Man, and Womanizer

Marked series by J.M. Sevilla

  1. The Missing Link
  2. Becoming Noah Baxter

Masterpiece Duet by Skye Warren

  1. The Prince
  2. The King
  3. The Queen

Masters Among Monsters series by Ella Frank

  1. Alasdair
  2. Isadora
  3. Thanos

(The) Matchmaker series by Ellie Danes

  • includes: books 1-6

Men of Honor series by K.C. Lynn

  • includes: Fighting Temptation, Sweet Temptation, and Resisting Temptation

(The) Mercenaries by Stylo Fantôme

  1. Best Laid Plans
  2. Out of Plans

Mercenaries and Magic by Alessa Thorn

  1. Darkest Night
  2. Sharpest Edge
  3. Toughest Deal
  4. Deepest Cut

Mercenary Librarians series by Kit Rocha

  1. Deal with the Devil
  2. The Devil You Know
  3. Dance with the Devil

Mercy trilogy by Lucian Bane

  • includes: Mercy; No Mercy; and Beg for Mercy

(The) Mermen Trilogy by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

  • includes: Mermen, Mermadmen, and Merciless

(The) Mindf*ck series by S.T. Abby

  • includes: The Risk, Sidetracked, Scarlet Angel, All the Lies, and Paint It All Red

Modern Love by Piper Rayne

  1. The Bartender
  2. The Boxer
  3. The Banker

Monster in His Eyes series by J.M. Darhower

  • includes: Monster in His Eyes, Torture to Her Soul, and Target on Our Backs

Monsters in the Dark by Pepper Winters

  1. Tears of Tess
  2. Quintessentially Q
  3. Twisted Together

Monstrous series by Lily Mayne

  1. Soul Eater
  2. Edin
  3. The Rycke
  4. Wyn
  5. Gloam
  6. Moth
  7. Seraph
  8. A Monstrous Christmas in the Camp
  9. Lor
  10. A Collection of Monstrous Short Stories
  11. Lyri

More Than One Night by Ari Reavis

  1. Unexpected
  2. Unintended
  3. Undeserved

Morgan Brothers series by Lauren Rowe

  1. Hero
  2. Captain
  3. Ball Peen Hammer
  4. Mister Bodyguard
  5. Rockstar

Murder Sprees & Mute Decrees by Jennifer Cody

  1. The Trouble with Trying to Date a Murderer
  2. The Trouble with Trying to Save an Assassin


(The) Navesink Bank Henchmen MC series by Jessica Gadziala

1. Reign 2. Cash 3. Wolf 4. Repo
5. Duke 6. Renny 7. Lazarus 8. Pagan
9. Cyrus 10. Edison 11. Reeve 12. Sugar
13. The Fall of V 14. Adler 15. Roderick 16. Virgin
17. Roan 18. Camden 19. West 20. Colson

Necessary Evils by Onley James

  1. Unhinged
  2. Psycho
  3. Moonstruck
  4. Damaged
  5. Headcase
  6. Mad Man
  7. Lunatic
  8. Maniac

Neighbor From Hell by R.L. Mathewson

  1. Playing for Keeps
  2. Perfection
  3. Checkmate
  4. Truce
  5. The Game Plan
  6. Double Dare
  7. Christmas from Hell
  8. Fire & Brimstone
  9. Delectable
  10. The Promise
  11. Irresistible
  12. Finally
  13. Another Christmas from Hell
  14. Pretend
  15. Playtime's Over
  16. Mercy
  17. Game Over

Never After series by Emily McIntire

  1. Hooked
  2. Scarred
  3. Wretched
  4. Twisted
  5. Crossed

New Tarian Pride series by T.S. Joyce

  1. Tarian Alpha
  2. Tarian Silver Lion
  3. Tarian Outcast
  4. Tarian Protector
  5. Tarian Traitor

Night Prince series by Jeaniene Frost

  1. Once Burned
  2. Twice Tempted
  3. Bound by Flames
  4. Into the Fire

Night Rebel trilogy by Jeaniene Frost

  1. Shades of Wicked
  2. Wicked Bite
  3. Wicked All Night

Nightshade series by Keri Lake

  1. Nightshade
  2. Infernium

Nightwing series by Juliette Cross

  1. Soulfire
  2. Windburn
  3. Nightbloom

NYPD Blue & Gold Series by Tee O'Fallon

  1. Burnout
  2. Blood Money
  3. Disavowed


Obsessed With Him series by Hannah Ford

  • includes: Obsessed With Him, Addicted to Him, Consumed by Him, Taken by Him, Protected by Him, and Bound to Him

On the Ropes by Aly Martinez

  • includes: Fighting Silence, Fighting Shadows, and Fighting Solitude

One Night Only by Abby Gale

  1. One Night Only
  2. One Special Love

(The) Order of the Senary series by L.D. Rose

  1. Releasing the Demons
  2. Black Bullet
  3. Vermilion Lies

(The) Outskirts Duet by T.M. Frazier

  1. The Outskirts
  2. The Outliers


Pakhan duet by V.F. Mason

  1. Pakhan's Rose
  2. Pakhan's Salvation

(The) Pale Court Duet by Liv Zander

  1. King of Flesh & Bone
  2. Queen of Rot & Pain

Perversion Trilogy by T.M. Frazier

  1. Perversion
  2. Possession
  3. Permission

(The) Phoenix Pack Series by Suzanne Wright

  1. Feral Sins
  2. Wicked Cravings
  3. Carnal Secrets
  4. Dark Instincts
  5. Savage Urges
  6. Fierce Obsessions
  7. Wild Hunger
  8. Untamed Delights

Play Me series by Tracy Wolff

  • includes: Play Me Wild, Play Me Hot, Play Me Hard, Play Me Real, and Play Me Right

Playboys in Love series by Gina L. Maxwell

  1. Shameless
  2. Ruthless
  3. Merciless

(The) Player duet by K. Bromberg

  1. The Player
  2. The Catch

Poison Kisses trilogy by Lisa Renee Jones

  1. Part One
  2. Part Two
  3. Part Three

Preston Brothers series by Jay McLean

  1. Lucas
  2. Logan
  3. Leo

Pretty Little Dolls series by K Webster & Ker Dukey

  1. Pretty Stolen Dolls
  2. Pretty Lost Dolls
  3. Pretty New Doll
  4. Pretty Broken Dolls

Priest series by Sierra Simone

  1. Priest & Midnight Mass
  2. Sinner
  3. Saint

(The) Prince's Bride series by J.J. McAvoy

  1. The Prince's Bride
  2. The Prince's Bride: Part 2
  3. The Prince's Bride: Beginning Forever

(The) Princesses by Alexa Riley

  • includes: His Princess, Stolen Princess, Claimed Princess, Forbidden Princess, and Unexpected Princess

Protocol trilogy by Eden Butler

  1. Against Protocol
  2. Broken Protocol
  3. Final Protocol

Pure/Dark Ones by Aja James

1. Pure Healing 2. Dark Longing 3. Dark Desires 4. Dark Pleasures
5. Pure Rapture 6. Dark Redemption 7. Pure Awakening 8. Pure Ecstasy
9. Dark Obsession 10. Pure Providence 11. Pure Magnetism 12. Pure Surrender
13. Pure Darkness 14. Dark Possession 15. Pure Requiem 16. Pure Destiny
17. Dark Purity

Pure Corruption duet by Pepper Winters

  • includes: Ruin & Rule and Sin & Suffer

Pyte/Sentinel series by R.L. Mathewson

books 1-4 (includes Tall, Dark & Lonely; Without Regret; Tall, Dark & Heartless; and Tall, Silent & Lethal)
5. Fated
6. Tall, Dark & Furious
7. Unstoppable
8. Short, Lethal and Claimed


(The) Quake series by Jacob Chance

  • includes: Quake, Quiver, Delve, Tied, and Delude

Quantum series by M.S. Force

  • includes: Virtuous, Valorous and Victorious


(The) Rain Trilogy by BB Easton

  1. Praying for Rain
  2. Fighting for Rain
  3. Dying for Rain

Ransom by A.T. Douglas

  • includes Beyond Ransom, Beyond Revenge, and Beyond Resistance

Rapture Trilogy by Megan D. Martin

  • includes: Drowning in Rapture; Clinging to Rapture; and Bound by Rapture

Reasonable Doubt series by Whitney G.

  • includes Volumes 1-3

Rebel Hearts duet by Lili Valente

  • includes: Rebel Hearts and Savage Hearts

Rebound series by Emilia Winters

  • includes: Complications, Distractions, and Connections

Record series by K.A. Linde

  • includes: Off the Record, On the Record, and For the Record

Recovery series by J.C. Harroway

  1. Recovery
  2. Entwined
  3. Devoted

(The) Red Ledger by Meredith Wild

  1. Reborn
  2. Recall
  3. Revenge

Redemption duet by Shey Stahl

  • includes: The Trainer and The Fighter

Rhett duet by J.S. Cooper

  • includes: Rhett and Rhett in Love

(The) Ribbon series by Pepper Winters

  1. The Boy & His Ribbon
  2. The Girl & Her Ren
  3. The Son & His Hope

Rise of the Warlords by Gena Showalter

  1. The Warlord
  2. The Immortal
  3. The Phantom
  4. The Wrath

Rivers Wilde series by Dylan Allen

  • The Rivals, which includes: The Legacy, The Legend, The Jezebel, and The Gathering (books 1-3.5)
  • The Daredevil (#3.6)
  • The Mastermind (#3.7)

(The) Road to Hell series by Brenda K. Davies

  1. Good Intentions
  2. Carved
  3. The Road
  4. Into Hell

Roma Royals Duet by Callie Hart

  1. Roma King
  2. Roma Queen

Rook and Ronin trilogy by J.A. Huss

  • includes: Tragic, Manic and Panic

Roommates series by Kendall Ryan

  1. The Room Mate
  2. The Play Mate
  3. The House Mate
  4. The Bed Mate
  5. The Soul Mate

Royal duet by Meghan Quinn

  1. Royally Not Ready
  2. Royally in Trouble

Royal Mafia series by Bella J.

  • includes: Mafia Princess, Mafia Prince, Mafia King, and Mafia Queen

Royally series by Emma Chase

Royally Screwed (#1)
Royally Marooned (#1.5)
Royally Matched (#2)
Royally Endowed (#3)
Royally Yours (#4)
Royally Raised (#4.5)
Royally Remembered (#4.6)

(The) Royals Collection by Louise Bay

  1. King of Wall Street
  2. Park Avenue Prince
  3. Duke of Manhattan
  4. The British Knight
  5. The Earl of London

Royals Undercover by Nana Malone

  1. Cheeky Prince
  2. Cheeky Royal
  3. Cheeky King

(The) Russian Don duet by Georgia Le Carre

  • includes: You Don't Own Me & You Don't Own Me 2

Ruthless People series by J.J. McAvoy

  • includes: Ruthless People, The Untouchables, American Savages
  • A Bloody Kingdom

Ruthless Warlords by Alison Aimes

  1. Ruthless King
  2. Forbidden Flame
  3. Savage Prince
  4. Broken Heir
  5. Filthy Royal
  6. Filthy Beginnings

Ryze Series by N. Isabelle Blanco

  1. Blood Flows Deep
  2. Blood Stained Tranquility
  3. Blood Drenched Conquest
  4. Sacrifice
  5. Silence


Saints and Sinners series by J. Kenner

  1. My Fallen Saint
  2. My Beautiful Sin
  3. My Cruel Salvation

(The) Sandman Duet by Keri Lake

  1. Nocturnes & Nightmares
  2. Requiem & Reverie

(The) Satan's Knights MC New York series by Janine Infante Bosco

Drifter (#1) Wanderer (#2) Roamer (#3) Loner (#4)
From the Ruins (#5) The Devil Don't Sleep (#6) Riding the Edge (#7) Parrish (#8)
Blackout I and Blackout II (#9) Rite of Passage (#10) Shifting Gears (#11) Breaking the Chains (#12)
Walking the Line (#13) Oh Holy Knight (#14)

Savages series by Jessica Gadziala

  • includes: Monster, Killer and Savior

Scandalous Billionaires by Lisa Renee Jones

  1. Filthy Deal
  2. Naked Truth
  3. Beautiful Betrayal

(The) Scarred Earth Saga by G.A. Aiken

  1. The Blacksmith Queen
  2. The Princess Knight
  3. The Heretic Royal

Scarred Souls by Tillie Cole

  1. Raze & Reap
  2. Ravage
  3. Riot

Scars series by Jessica Gadziala

  1. For a Good Time Call...
  2. Dissent

(The) Scene series by Roxy Sloane

  • includes books 1-3

Scorpius Syndrome by Rebecca Zanetti

  1. Mercury Striking
  2. Shadow Falling
  3. Justice Ascending
  4. Storm Gathering
  5. Blaze Erupting
  6. Winter Igniting
  7. Knight Awakening

SEAL Mercenaries by Lilly Holden

  1. Bad Boy SEAL
  2. The SEALs Secret Baby
  3. The SEALs Virgin Hostage
  4. Owned by the SEAL

Seductive Nights by Lauren Blakely

  • includes: First Night; Night After Night; After This Night; One More Night; Ace, Whiskey and a Hot Tub; and Julia and Clay Plus One

Sex, Love & Stiletto series by Lauren Layne

  • includes: After the Kiss and Love the One You're With

Sexy Jerk World series by Kim Karr

  1. Sexy Jerk
  2. Big Shot
  3. Hot Stuff

Shades of Sin by Colette Rhodes

  1. Luxuria
  2. Superbia
  3. Gula
  4. Avaritia

(The) Shadow Realm by Brynne Weaver

  1. A Shadow in the Reaping
  2. A Heart of Bitter Poison
  3. A Queen of Broken Realms

Shadow Rider series by Christine Feehan

  1. Shadow Rider
  2. Shadow Reaper
  3. Shadow Keeper
  4. Shadow Warrior
  5. Shadow Flight
  6. Shadow Storm
  7. Shadow Fire
  8. Shadow Dance

Shamed duet by Laura Marie Altom

  • includes: Control and Possess

She Who Dares series by L.P. Lovell

  • includes: Beseiged, Conquered, Surrendered, and Ruined

Shifter Date by Alma Black

  1. Must Love Lions
  2. Hungry as a Wolf
  3. This Kitten's Got Curves
  4. Forever Mated

Shots on Goal series by Kristen Hope Mazzola

  1. Hat Trick
  2. Cross Checked
  3. Cherry Picked
  4. Low Blow
  5. Playoff Beard
  6. Off Duty
  7. For You, I Will

Siege Series by N. Isabelle Blanco

  1. Twisted Heartbreak (once called Systematic Siege)
  2. Twisted Rage (once called Mortal Siege)

Simple Man series by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. Kinda Don't Care
  2. Maybe Don't Wanna
  3. Get You Some
  4. Ain't Doin' It
  5. Too Bad So Sad

Sin series by Mikey Lee

  1. Detecting Lust
  2. Detecting Envy
  3. Detecting Greed

Sin City Salvation by A. Zavarelli

  1. Confess
  2. Convict
  3. Contempt

(The) Sin Trilogy by Georgia Cates

  1. A Necessary Sin
  2. The Next Sin
  3. One Last Sin
  4. Endurance
  5. Unintended
  6. Redemption

Sinful Souls MC by Amo Jones

  • includes: Perilous Love, Intricate Love, and Tainted Love

(The) Sinister Fairy Tales Collection

  • Imprisoned by K.L. Donn
  • Sixth Sin (once called Starlet) by Cora Kenborn
  • Madness by Kailee Reese Samuels
  • Lock by Kimberly Knight
  • Beauty's Wolves by Tiegan Clyne

Sinners of Saint series by L.J. Shen

  1. Defy
  2. Vicious
  3. Ruckus
  4. Scandalous
  5. Bane

Sins & Secrets by Willow Winters

  1. Imperfect
  2. Unforgiven

Sixth Street Bands series by Jayne Frost

  1. Gone For you
  2. Fall With Me
  3. Missing From Me
  4. Lost For You
  5. Down to You

SKALS by Adriana Noir

  • includes: Sinister Kisses, Bound by Vengeance, Edge of Obsession, and Inferno

Something More series by Danielle Pearl

  1. Normal
  2. ReCAP
  3. Okay
  4. In Ruins
  5. In Pieces

Soulless Bastards MC So Cal Chapter series by Erin Trejo

  • includes: Smokey, Draven, Ruger and Crow (books 1-4)

Souls Chapel Revenants MC by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. Repeat Offender
  2. Conjugal Visits
  3. Jailbait
  4. Doin' a Dime
  5. Kitty Kitty
  6. Gen Pop
  7. Inmate of the Month
  8. Shakedown

(The) Southern Gentleman series by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. Hissy Fit
  2. Lord Have Mercy
  3. Quit Bein' Ugly

Spiral of Bliss by Nina Lane

  • includes: Arouse; Allure; Awaken; Arrive; Adore; and Always

St. Cecilia Slayings series by N. Isabelle Blanco & Dee Garcia

  1. Tainted
  2. Corrupted
  3. Depraved
  4. Coveted

Stanton Series by T.L. Swan

  • includes: Stanton Adore, Stanton Unconditional, Stanton Completely

Stay a Spell series by Juliette Cross

Wolf Gone Wild (#1)
Don't Hex and Drive (#2)
Witches Get Stitches (#3)
Walking in a Witchy Wonderland (#3.5)
Always Practice Safe Hex (#4)
Resting Witch Face (#5)
Grim and Bear It (#6)

Stolen Duet by BB Reid

  1. The Bandit
  2. The Knight

Story series by Tamara Lush

  1. Tell Me a Story
  2. Tell Me a Desire
  3. Tell Me a Lie
  4. Tell Me a Secret
  5. Tell Me a Truth

Story of Us series by Sydney Jamesson

  • includes: TouchStone for Play; TouchStone for Giving; TouchStone for Ever; Blue Genes; and Blue Hearts

Sugar Lake series by Melissa Foster

  1. The Real Thing
  2. Only For You
  3. Love Like Ours

SWAT Generation 2.0 series by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. Just Kidding
  2. Fries Before Guys
  3. Maybe Swearing Will Help
  4. Ask Me If I Care
  5. May Contain Wine
  6. Joke's On You
  7. Join the Club
  8. Any Day Now
  9. Say It Ain't So
  10. Officially Over It
  11. Nobody Knows
  12. Depends On Who's Asking

Sweet Addiction series by J. Daniels

  • includes: Sweet Addiction, Sweet Possession, and Sweet Obsession

Symbols of Love series by Dylan Allen

  1. Rise
  2. Remember
  3. Best for Last

(The) Syndicate series by Kathy Coopmans

  • includes: The Wrath of Cain and The Redemption of Roan
  • The Absolution of Aidan
  • The Deliverance of Dilan
  • Empire


Tainted Hearts series by Lylah James

  1. The Mafia and His Angel: Part One
  2. The Mafia and His Angel: Part Two
  3. The Mafia and His Angel: Part Three

(The) Temptation duet by Roxy Sloane

  1. Tempt Me
  2. Tease Me

Tempted series by Janine Infante Bosco

  • includes: Illicit Temptations, Forbidden Temptations, Uncontrollable Temptations, Reckless Temptations, Lethal Temptations, and Eternal Temptations

The Divide duet by Ali Stuebbe

  1. Blood of Desiderium
  2. Soul of Salvation

There's No Crying in Baseball series by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. Pitch Please
  2. Quit Your Pitchin'
  3. Listen, Pitch

Three Dark Crowns series by Kendare Blake

  1. Three Dark Crowns
  2. One Dark Throne
  3. Two Dark Reigns
  4. Five Dark Fates

Top Shelf series by Alta Hensley

  1. Bastards & Whiskey
  2. Villains & Vodka
  3. Scoundrels & Scotch
  4. Devils & Rye
  5. Beasts & Bourbon
  6. Sinners & Gin

Tormentor Mine by Anna Zaires

  1. Tormentor Mine
  2. Obsession Mine
  3. Destiny Mine
  4. Forever Mine

Tough Love by Chloe Liese

  1. He's a Brute
  2. She's a Spitfire
  3. They're a Match

Trails of Sin series by Pam Godwin

  1. Knotted
  2. Buckled
  3. Booted

Transcend series by Jewel E. Ann

  1. Transcend
  2. Epoch
  3. Fortuity

Trouble for Hire by Cynthia Eden

  1. No Escape From War
  2. Don't Play With Odin
  3. Jinx, You're It
  4. Remember Ramsey

True Heroes by A.M. Madden

  1. Stone Walls
  2. Glass Ceilings
  3. Dark Corners

(The) Truth About Love duet by M.J. Fields

  1. 27 Truths: Ava's Story
  2. 27 Lies: Luke's Story

Twisting Fairytales by Jessica Erin

  1. Rapunzel & Robin Hood
  2. The Little Mermaid and Captain Hook


UltraSecurity series by J.T. Bock

  1. A Surefire Way
  2. Dama X

Unbound trilogy by Kathy Coopmans

  1. Unravel
  2. Undone
  3. Untwist

Uncovering You series by Scarlett Edwards

  • includes: The Contract, Submission, Resistance, Retribution, Confessions, Deliverance, Resurrection, Redemption, Liberation, The Finale, and The Lost Chapter

Undeadly Secrets by Aaron L. Speer

  1. Night Walker
  2. Day Dreamer
  3. Shadow Chaser
  4. Pack Master
  5. Peace Keeper: Part One
  6. Peace Keeper: Part Two

Underground Kings by Aurora Rose Reynolds

  • includes: Assumption, Obligation, Distraction and Infatuation

Undisputed by Aaron L. Speer

  1. Undisputed
  2. Unbroken
  3. Unbroken II

Unwavering Love by Ari Reavis

  1. Imperfect
  2. Scarred
  3. Trouble

Unyielding by Nashoda Rose

  1. Perfect Chaos
  2. Perfect Ruin
  3. Perfect Rage


(The) V Games series by Ker Dukey & K Webster

  1. Vlad
  2. Ven
  3. Vas

(The) Valentine Boys by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. Herd That
  2. Crazy Heifer
  3. Chute Yeah
  4. Get Bucked

Vampire Blood series by Juliette Cross

  1. The Black Lily
  2. The Red Lily
  3. The White Lily
  4. The Emerald Lily

(The) Vein Chronicles by Anne Malcom

  1. Fatal Harmony
  2. Deathless
  3. Eternity's Awakening
  4. Buried Destiny
  5. Faults in Fate

Vigilante series by Keri Lake

  1. Ricochet
  2. Backfire
  3. Ballistic

Vincent and Eve series by Jessica Ruben

  1. Rising
  2. Reckoning
  3. Redemption

VIP series by Kristen Callihan

  1. Idol
  2. Managed
  3. Fall
  4. Exposed

(The) Virgin Blood series by Alexa Riley

  • includes: Bitten by the Beast, Bitten by the Virgin, Twice Bitten, and Bitten by the King

Volkov Bratva by London Miller

  1. In the Beginning
  2. Until the End
  3. The Final Hour
  4. Time Stood Still

Voyeur series by Elena M. Reyes & N. Isabelle Blanco

  1. Taken
  2. Tied
  3. Broken
  4. Damaged
  5. Freed


Walker Security by Lisa Renee Jones

  1. Deep Under
  2. Pulled Under
  3. Falling Under

War & Peace series by K. Webster

  1. This is War, Baby
  2. This is Love, Baby
  3. This Isn't Over, Baby
  4. This Isn't You, Baby
  5. This is Me, Baby
  6. This Isn't Fair, Baby
  7. This is the End, Baby

(The) War Chronicles by Petra Landon

  1. The Mercenary
  2. The Starfarer

Wayward Fighters duet by J.C. Valentine

  1. Knockout
  2. Tapout

Web of Sin by Aleatha Romig

  1. Secrets
  2. Lies
  3. Promises

Welcome to the Circus by Lani Lynn Vale

  1. Fun House
  2. Freak Show
  3. Show Off
  4. Clown Motel
  5. Sold to the Circus
  6. Killing Booth

When I Break series by Kendall Ryan

  • includes: When I Break, When I Surrender, and When We Fall

(The) Whiskeys: Dark Knights at Peaceful Harbor by Melissa Foster

  1. Tru Blue
  2. Truly, Madly, Whiskey
  3. Driving Whiskey Wild
  4. Wicked Whiskey Love
  5. Mad About Moon
  6. Taming My Whiskey
  7. The Gritty Truth
  8. In for a Penny
  9. Running on Diesel

White Lies duet by Lisa Renee Jones

  1. Provocative
  2. Shameless

Wicked Darlings by Rebecca F. Kenney

  1. A Court of Sugar and Spice
  2. A Court of Hearts and Hunger
  3. A City of Emeralds and Envy

Wicked Little Games duet by Dee Pamer

  1. Wicked Little Games
  2. Twisted Little Games

(The) Wild Things by A. Wilding Wells

  1. How to Tame Beasts and Other Wild Things
  2. Mastering the Art of a Three Ring Circus
  3. Sunshine Bleeds a Black Edge

Windy City Bad Boys series by Mickey Miller & Holly Dodd

  1. Dirty CEO
  2. Fantasy Island (once called Hot Blooded Prizefighter)

Winston Brothers by Penny Reid

  1. Beauty and the Mustache
  2. Truth or Beard
  3. Grin and Beard It
  4. Beard Science
  5. Beard in Mind
  6. Beard in Hiding
  7. Dr. Strange Beard
  8. Beard With Me
  9. Beard Necessities

(The) Winterland Tale by Stacey Marie Brown

  1. Descending Into Madness
  2. Ascending From Madness

(The) Wraith Files by C.C. Wood

  1. Don't Wake the Dead
  2. The Dead Come Calling
  3. Raise the Dead

Wrecked and Ruined by Aly Martinez

  • includes: Changing Course, Stolen Course, Among the Echoes, and Broken Course

Wrong series by L.P. Lovell

  • includes: Wrong and Wrath


Year of the Billionaire series by K.C. Falls

  • includes: Knowing His Secret, Taking His Risk, and Keeping His Promise


Zetas by AJ Adams

  1. The Bonus
  2. Songbird
  3. Dirty Dealings
  4. Dark Hunter
  5. Twisted
  6. Ruthless Sinner