Review: All of You by Callie Harper

May 24, 2017

All of You by Callie Harper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Standalone - Jax & Sky - All In #3
Release - May 20, 2017
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 4.5 out of 5
Length - 285 pages

Night after night, Jax pictures her coming to him. In his dreams, Sky appears in the darkness, ready and wanting. But the night that finally happens, he finds out they’re in the middle of a nightmare.

Sky has nowhere to turn. Only one man can keep her safe, but he’s the most dangerous of them all. Her only choice is to put herself in Jax’s hands. Even if it destroys them both.

Note: “All of You” is a standalone hot contemporary romance. It’s one of four “All In” novels, which can be read in any order, with some crossover characters.

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4.5 "I'm all in" stars!!

I think most people, by now, know that I'm a huge fan of Callie Harper's. HUGE FAN!! She lures me in with her tender yet hot as hell alpha heroes and her sweet as pie yet sassy heroines.

Jax and Sky immediately won my heart over. Sky was a nurse's aide at a retirement home with a penchant for baking pies. The emphasis on her baking abilities did get on my nerves but it did serve a purpose. Jax's grandfather was a resident at the home. He typically visited every Monday and soon Sky learned to anticipate and eagerly look forward to her Mondays at work. The problem: she was married. Sky was in an abusive relationship and was constantly making excuses for his behavior. She was caught in a cycle and no matter how much others tried to show her the truth or tried to help her, she wasn't hearing it. One day she finally had enough. Yet she still wouldn't turn to Jax... until she had no choice.

If I were to nitpick, my issue was with the way Sky handled everything. I wasn't a huge admirer of hers. She was careless and inconsiderate while supposedly having a huge and compassionate heart. I didn't get why she couldn't see what she was doing. She knew Jax was her symbol of hope and love, her light in the darkness, yet she constantly turned him away. I was in love with Jax. He got all of the stars of this review. He had a rough beginning and as a grown man he had the look of a badass, but for the most part he wasn't. He lived legit, had his wits about him, was a successful entrepreneur, and had a heart of gold. A heart he continuously offered to Sky.

Despite the fact that here was obviously cheating in this book, it was in no way distasteful. In truth, it didn't feel like cheating, although it most definitely was, and I was cheering these characters on. I just wanted Jax to get his happy ending. He was never the side dude. He couldn't be anything less than everything. If you're looking for a hot and steamy romance, and I mean HAWT, you can't go wrong with ALL OF YOU. I'm sure Jax will conquer your heart as completely as he did mine.

This story involves cheating

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