Review of Tainted by N. Isabelle Blanco & Dee Garcia

March 13, 2019

Tainted by N Isabelle Blanco and Dee Garcia
And he said, That which cometh out of the man, that defileth the man. - Mark 7:20-23

The streets of Boston are running red with blood.
It isn’t the first time, either.
Forget the history of this city; it’s what happened nearly nine-years-ago that continues to haunt us all.
Especially me.
They say obsessions can destroy you.
Well, I’m here to tell you that’s a fact.
A serial killer played games with us once, leaving our heads spinning.
I chased them down, threw my whole life into chaos. From the very first kill, I was there.
Losing myself.
My career nearly ended before it ever began.
Then, suddenly, the killer vanished. Gone into the shadows. Never to be heard from again.
Until now.
They’re back, fiercer and bolder than ever. An obsession reawakened that threatens my sanity and leads me towards a collision with a new fixation.
One more dangerous.
One much more vile.
She’s everything my religion warns man to stay away from—the quintessential temptress sent to ruin our lives.
I thought the case would be what ended me.
Turns out, I’d sell my soul for just another taste of her.

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Release: March 26, 2019
Genre: Erotic Thriller
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat: Explicit
Type: Book 1 of the Saint Cecilia Slayings
Format: eARC provided by Give Me Books PR

My Review


Here's the thing...
When I see that N. Isabelle Blanco is coming out with something new, it automatically gets added to my TBR.
I don't need to know the title or see the blurb.
And it doesn't just sit there.
Nope, I've got to read it as soon as it drops because that's not only how I roll when it comes to her books, but I know I'm in for one heck of a ride when I read it.
No two stories are alike, even when it's an interconnected series.
No two characters are alike, meaning there's a ton of hot, alpha men to drool all over myself for.


Yes, they're all the same man. He's graced many a book cover and I'm so in love with his look. I need to find me a man from Turkey!!

Okay, back to the stories, nothing is as I expect and I am never the same when I get to the end.

When I saw that Blanco was teaming up with Dee Garcia, the woman who made me want a female boxer for a best friend, I couldn't add it up fast enough.
A whole series, dripping in blood, and the excitement these ladies had for their work were just a couple of the reasons why I KNEW I had to start this.
And then I read it.

Maverick was super intense, obsessed with what he could see was a serial murder case, very religious, and alpha to the max. He was a homicide detective on a mission... to finally catch the killer that not only made him chase a tail, but has eluded some of the best detectives on the force. Along the way, he comes across Keira, a wealthy socialite he can't stop thinking about. And a killer, who makes him question his morals and beliefs.

Tainted was a really quick glimpse of what I'm sure will be a kinky and scary story that no one who loves erotic thrillers will be able to resist. Luckily I won't have to wait long for the next part of the series. I'm so freaking excited!!

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