Review: Pretty Stolen Dolls by Ker Dukey & K Webster

January 05, 2017

Pretty Stolen Dolls by Ker Dukey & K Webster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Pretty Little Dolls #1
Release: September 26, 2016
Length: 265 pages

Benny loves his pretty little dolls.
As long as they do exactly as they're told.
He keeps them perfect by brushing their hair
and gives them pretty dresses to wear.
He likes to toy with them late at night.
One so timid but the other likes to fight.
When his favorite doll runs away...
despite the other doll promising to stay,
his heart becomes broken and he can't help but cry.
He wants her back home or his pretty little doll must die.

Have you ever had to make a decision that haunts you every single day for the rest of your life…the life you stole back?
I have.
I ran for my survival, rocks and twigs cutting into the soles of my feet, my lungs burning and screaming for rest, every muscle tensed and fighting along with me for existence.
I left her.
I ran, ran, ran—from Benny and his lone, pretty little doll—until I couldn’t remember where to find them again.
I’m sorry.

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What did I just read??? And am I fcked because I enjoyed the hell out of it??? This was darkness at its finest. It was raw, dirty, scary, twisted, gross, suspenseful, and fcking AWESOME!! I loved every spine-tingling second of this story!!

Jade and her little sister, Macy, have been warned by their father that monsters exist and that they don't wait until nightfall to come out. He raised them to be careful and aware. One day the two sisters go to a flea market and Macy is drawn to a booth selling dolls run by a man named Benny. Both of them are aware of his attractiveness and his easygoing charm quickly puts them at ease. With the promise of new dolls and a ride home, the girls get into his van. And that's when Jade's nightmare began.

Eight years later, Jade is a police detective. She escaped Benny four years ago and has been determined ever since to rescue her sister from his clutches. A missing girl, a dead woman, and enough clues to lead a blind man, Jade realizes that Benny's back and he won't stop until he has her again. With the help of her partner, Dillon, it's a race to stop Benny before he can succeed.

Honestly, this book was freaking epic. It had the right amounts of depravity, mindfckery, descriptive torture, mystery, suspense, and sexy times. It ends on a huge cliffy and the story continues in Pretty Lost Dolls, which goes live November 28, 2016.

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