Review: Tell Me a Secret by Tamara Lush

January 05, 2017

Tell Me a Secret by Tamara Lush
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
The Story Series #4
Release: August 18, 2016
Length: 81 pages
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A pregnant wife struggles to remain true to her marriage after her husband's mysterious disappearance. But as she must bear their child and go on without him, she wonders how long she can wait.

Caleb is gone. Somehow he disappeared from the new business complex in Brazil, leaving no trace. With all the millions at his family's command, neither company security, the police or private detectives can find him. Was he kidnapped or murdered … or did he walk away of his own free will?

Emma nearly goes mad with grief, only the necessity to keep her baby safe and well helping her hang on. Her sleep is plagued with erotic dreams and nightmares, all starring Caleb. Her days are spent wondering and waiting for any scrap of news. Adding to her pain, the Brazilian police probe for illicit secrets that may have drawn Caleb away. Only his siblings and her best friend help her hang on.

But when Emma must bear Caleb's daughter without him at her side, she realizes Caleb may never come home. Can she make a life for herself and her daughter with his family, even with the huge hole in their midst? And what happens when his younger brother Colin ignites conflict that she alone can resolve?

Secrets may have taken Caleb from her … but what about her own secrets?

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Caleb's missing and at one point everyone seems to have lost all hope in finding him. Especially Emma. How does one hold onto hope though when all signs lead you to letting go. Emma showed some strength in this episode and, in the end, her love for Caleb remained true. She realized that he was the love of her life and she deserved nothing less than the love that they shared. The ending was a shocker (not really) and a fantastic segue into the concluding episode, Tell Me a Truth.

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