Review // Edin by Lily Mayne

May 06, 2023

Edin by Lily Mayne

"You're just... good, Edin. Kind. And generous, and selfless. And you..." I flushed, feeling exposed. "You make me calm. You soothe me."

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Edin by Lily Mayne

Edin by Lily Mayne

Standalone - Monstrous #2
Release - May 19, 2021
Genre - M/M Fantasy Romance / forced proximity
POV - Single 1st person
Heat - 5 out of 5
Format - ebook borrowed from Kindle Unlimited
Length - 410 pages

I was just a boy when the monsters rose on earth, forcing humans to flee to the coastlines and live in cramped, dirty, military-controlled cities. I enlisted as soon as I could to escape.

Now, I’ve been in the military for twelve years and have the scars—and missing body parts—to prove it. As a hardened soldier who’s spent his fair share of time out in the Wastes—the dangerous place where monsters roam free—I didn’t think anything could surprise me anymore.

But then circumstance forced me together with a big, annoying purple monster who’s arrogant and bossy and pushes all my buttons in the worst—and best—ways. I need his help, and I hate needing anyone’s help. But the more time I spend with him, the more I realise that maybe there’s more from him that I need. And that he might need things from me too.

But I’m still a soldier. I still have responsibilities. It doesn’t matter how I feel about Edin, because we can’t be together. It’s too dangerous.

That doesn’t stop me wanting him, though.

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Edin by Lily Mayne

My Two Cents

4 "I love Edin so much!!" stars

I didn’t like this one as much as I did the first book (Soul Eater). I loved Edin. I loved him from the first time he was introduced through Wyn. I knew I’d love him more in his own book and I did. He was such a happy go-lucky male, but he also had so much depth to him. A tragic past weighed heavily upon him, however, he was still able to find and inspire hope, feel deeply, and, in many ways, honor his people.

Hunter was hard to like. It took most of the book for me to change my mind about him. He was selfish and self-serving. I get that he was desperate to save his friend, but even he recognized that he wasn’t being a good person. I believe Edin deserved so much more from him, right from the start. Here’s this overgrown alien who stops to help you, puts himself in danger for you, cares for you, etc. He gave far more than what he got.

I was so happy to see Wyn and Danny again and for some more justice to be served. Bye bye Mallory lol.

Edin and his purple c*ck ruled the show and I enjoyed how Hunter found a new part of himself. He loved submitting sexually for Edin. In the end, they were well-matched and I'm actually looking forward to seeing both of them again in the books to come.

Have I mentioned how in love I am with the fan art for this series???

Edin by Lily Mayne

Edin by Lily Mayne

The Author

Lily Mayne writes what she loves to read: achingly sweet yet gritty romances against unusual backdrops—dark, futuristic, dystopian and more.

She enjoys reading and writing (duh), cooking and baking, watching terrible horror movies and many other hobbies that would have potentially made her an ideal Victorian maid. Just a really lazy one.

She currently lives in the UK with her husband and several fluffballs, who like to make a lot of noise while she’s writing.

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  1. I think this author will be my last try at monster romance, so your review definitely has me eager for this one here! The fan art is great especially with that clinch. You know me and the clinch covers lol

    1. LMAO I hope you do give it a try. This series is turning out to be something wonderful. I can't wait to read the next one!

  2. This sounds like an interesting read. I'm not sure it would be one for me though. I'm glad you're enjoying this series ;)

    1. LOL Monster love ain't for everyone :)
      Thanks Maureen xo


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