ARC Review: PULSE by Angel Payne

September 01, 2018

While Reece Richards and Emmalina Crist play out their romance in the global public eye as superhero Bolt and his beautiful ladylove, they keep their biggest secret to themselves. Even if the lunatics of the Consortium have gone underground along with their leader, the cold-blooded Faline, Reece and Emma know the criminals could resurface at any time and threaten everything about the new life they’re building together.

But secrets take on new meanings when a night of glamour and celebration exposes old wounds—and new dangers. When Reece uncovers evidence that there may be a connection between his family and the Consortium’s insane experiments, his quest for answers leads him, Emma, and the rest of Team Bolt to Paris.

In the City of Light, truths are exposed and a trap is set, leading to a clash in the city’s caverns that permanently alters everything for Reece and Emma—and reveals that no superpower on earth is more potent than the pulse of their true love.

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Construction of the Bolt headquarters is well underway while Emma works relentlessly to unburden Reece from his pain. His emotional burdens are buried deep, but the most innocent story from his childhood brings his past torment to the fore. His love for her and his growth into a better man allow him to dig deep, strengthening the bond they share. It's a good thing too as ish is about to hit the fan.

There were so many revelations in this volume, some of which didn't come as a complete surprise, but were just as painful to discover as any other. My heart broke for my baby Reecy. He had suffered so much and to find out that the pain wasn't at its end was almost unbearable. Thankfully he had not only his great love in his corner, but also his new friends and even a surprising ally. But the road to justice has never been easy for Bolt and this instalment of his story wasn't any easier. It was full of heartache and suffering, gains and losses, and not even the love he shared with Emma could protect him from the fallout.

I'm still very much in love with Reece, but then again I didn't doubt that I would be. He was not only chivalrous and brave and heroic and awesome and totally hot all at the same time, but he was also sweet and kind and nerdy and loving. Once again he was absolute perfection and I still can't get enough of him.

Release: 08.28.2018 | Genre: Erotic Superhero Romance | Dual POV - 1st person | Heat: 4.5 | Volume Three - Bolt Saga: Parts 7, 8, 9

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