Review // Queen of Rot & Pain by Liv Zander

July 01, 2022

Queen of Rot & Pain by Liv Zander

Suffering the pain of flesh is my duty; protecting you from it is my vow.

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Queen of Rot & Pain by Liv Zander

Queen of Rot & Pain by Liv Zander

The Pale Court Duet #2
Release - June 23, 2022
Genre - Dark Fantasy Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 4 out of 5 / several explicit scenes
Format/Source - ebook borrowed through Kindle Unlimited
Length - 274 pages
Publisher - Ink Heart Publishing

Worse than a god in rage... is a god in love.

I punish lies and deceit,
An eternal damnation of agony and pain.
Yet, when it is my wife whose deception plagues me,
I know what I must do.

Shackle her soul to the lying, cold corpse that she is,
Ensuring that she never escapes me.
My wrath,
My torture,
My pain,
And my pleasure.

I am the King of Flesh and Bone,
Every part of her I possess and own.
She is mine,
Death shall never do us part.

Welcome home, my queen.

My Two Cents

5 "Not even death can end us" stars

With the way the first book ended, I had no idea what was going to happen in this one. I could assume a lot, such as the fact that Ada dies and Enosh finally gets to keep her with him for eternity. But that's not what I wanted. I wished for them to fall in love, for her to gain immortality somehow, for a happy ending.

And honestly... I got everything I wanted and so much more!

Ada was dead, but no matter how cold she got, it never stopped their heat. Enosh was very creative in his ways of punishing her for what he believed was her betrayal and, through this horrific journey, Ada grew into a woman who deserved to stand by his side. He was a god after all.

I loved Ada. Loved her like I had never before, with no precaution over the pain it had already caused me, nor the pain that was certainly yet to come. I loved her with a ferocity that was not safe for me or her. Certainly not for this world.

The death had a life of its own in this book. The magic of the way Enosh wove flesh and bone into clothing, furniture, animals, etc... I'm truly awed by the way this author illustrated this strange world with her words. And the terrifying beauty that was created for Ada and Enosh was ugly and sexy and painful and real. So freaking real.

About the Author

Liv has an unhealthy love for sexy villains. To cure herself of her poor choice in men, she's currently undergoing therapy, but who can afford that these days? To fund her co-pays, she's writing deliciously dark fantasy romance about the men who would burn the world to the ground for their women. Is that counter-productive? Probably, but it's also a lot of fun.

When she's not joking around, she can be found procrastinating in her office with a mug of coffee or a glass of wine (depending on time of day and how miserable the writing is going). Oh, she also loves skulls. And ravens. And skulls.

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  1. What a fantastic review you have of this one here! I love a real to you type of story. I really need to try this author! Glad that this one was such a WIN for you!

    1. Thanks! 💜
      It's a great story and if you so read it, I hope you love it too!


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