Series Review // Decadence After Dark by M. Never

October 03, 2023

Decadence After Dark by M. Never

Today's flashback is the Decadence After Dark series by M. Never. This is a dark erotic romance book so pay attention to the warning! It has intense sexual situations, a Master/slave relationship, mild abuse, and some violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Have you ever read this series? Interested in trying it?

Owned by M. Never

Owned (book #1)

Ellie Stevens has lusted over Kayne Roberts since he first walked into the import/export company she works for a little over a year ago. As Expo’s most important client, Ellie has always kept a safe distance from the man with the majestic blue eyes — until temptation finally gets the better of her. Impulsively, Ellie invites Kayne to one of Expo's infamous company parties her flamboyant boss is notorious for throwing. Unbeknownst to Ellie, the god in the Armani suit isn’t just the suave entrepreneur he portrays himself to be. Underneath the professional exterior is a man with a secret life, dark desires, and nefarious contacts.

In a hidden corner of a trendy New York City lounge, the spark kindling between the two of them ignites. Unable to resist the sinful attraction, Ellie agrees to leave with Kayne, believing she is finally bedding the man of her dreams. Little does she know when she walks out the door, she’s about to be Owned.

My Rating: ★★★★★ ~ This book was exceptionally good. I love when the characters are described in a way in which I can actually picture them. Each scene was detailed enough that I felt like a voyeur. I was a little bit bothered by Ellie's defiance. I guess it confused me because she kept denying that she was submissive but that's exactly how she was described. Nothing about her behaviour prior to or during her interactions with Kayne hinted at a dominant personality. I understand not accepting or wanting the hand that was dealt to her, I just believe she could have fought against it in another way.

I knew it!! I knew Kayne was hiding something. I had a strong inkling that he was an undercover good guy. I appreciate getting his POV because I would fail to realize how wonderful he truly was if his character had to rely solely on how Ellie perceived him. I feel really bad for him in the end. I hope Ellie quickly realizes how unappreciative she has been in the next book.

Anyway, these two love each other so I hope book 2 has more romance.

Claimed by M. Never

Claimed (book #2)

With one look he consumed me.
With one touch he marked me.
With one kiss he owned me.
With one whisper he claimed me.

"No matter where you go or who you're with, you'll always be mine."

Ellie Stevens thought she had moved on from the domineering man who abducted her. Now living in Hawaii and following her dreams, no one is going to keep her down. But things aren't always as they seem.

Kayne Rivers reluctantly let Ellie go, but just because she's gone now, doesn't mean she'll be gone forever. She is his, and he won't stop until he's reclaimed her as his own.

My Rating: ★★★★★ ~ This book was a little bit different from the first one. I personally found it more enjoyable. I'm just glad that Ellie didn't let what happened to her ruin her. We really get to see her strength and fighting spirit in this one. I appreciate the lengths that Kayne was willing to go to in order to protect her. And the fact that he stayed by her side while they both healed from the wounds that life inflicted upon them.

Side note: how great were Jett, London and CJ? A great support system.

Fave quote: “You fill a piece of me I never knew existed, never thought I deserved. You’re the best part of all my sides, all my faces. You’re the glue. Thank you for being everything. My strength, my light, my hope, my warmth.”

Ruined by M. Never

Ruined (book #3)

Kayne Roberts.
Kayne Rivers.
Kayne Stevens.

No matter his name, one fact remains the same. He's the man who enslaved me, ensnared me, claimed me and ruined me... For all other men that is.

My life.
My love.
My happiness.
All belong to him.
I belong to no one but him.

He owns me.
And I own him.

My Rating: ★★★★ ~ Damn. Although this book was short it was extremely HOT!! I'm glad the story of what happened with Kayne's mom was resolved. The ending was sweet and it was wonderful to see Ellie and Kayne living the life they wanted. Kayne absolutely deserved it!

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