Review: Unhinged by Helen Hardt

January 25, 2019

Unhinged (Blood Bond Saga #4-6)Unhinged by Helen Hardt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've come to understand a bit more about the blood bond that Dante and Erin share. I wasn't sure how she'd react when she found out exactly who Dante was. Erin can be so smart in some instances and quite dumb in others. So her reaction was something I was definitely looking out for. There were other moving parts involved in their story, and events that helped to push the plot along, however, the core of this story is still very much about the characters themselves. Dante was as darling as ever and I'm waiting to see if I'm right about the female vampire who almost ruined his life.

Erin still drove me absolutely nuts, but thankfully my sweetheart Dante found a way to dominate the narrative. Other vampires, origin and identities unknown, are sampling the delicacy that is Erin's blood. Dante is determined to find out who keeps going after her and to find out more about the woman who kept him captive for so many years. He's not sure who to trust or even what his next steps should be, but what he does know is that nothing and no one, not even Erin herself, is going to keep him from his true love. This book was full of mystery and intrigue, but the author also left plenty of romance within its pages. I still think I'm right about Dante's captor and I think some people in Erin's life are more than they seem. I wonder if my assumptions will gain any clarity in the next part of this series.

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