The Interrupted Series by S. Moose

June 10, 2024

I'm back with a series of books that I read a long time ago, but I remember enjoying them.
The Interrupted series is a second chance contemporary romance.
Hopefully my reviews inspire someone to give this series a chance.

Part One

There are only three things Cam Ellison wants in life: a loving husband, a baby and to find her first love, Ayden Park. But all that is taken away from her in a blink of an eye.

Picking up the pieces to her life, Cam buries herself in work and her new boss, a young, millionaire CEO, A. Sharp.

But he’s the man with two rules:
1. No repeats
2. No relationships

Cam pushes herself into Sharp's life, breaking down the walls he’s built. Soon they find themselves in a situation neither wants to walk away from. But when the door opens, everything changes.

Rating -

I really liked this book. Both Cam and Sharp are likeable characters. I believe many women can empathize with Cam. Her struggle towards motherhood and a failing marriage is relatable. Sharp has a phobia against commitment but we don't understand why as of yet. But we do get to see that he is a devoted son and father and a great employer.

I hope we get some answers in book 2. Why didn't Henry want Cam in his hospital room? Where is Greyson's mom? I have some ideas and I'm excited to find out if I'm right!

Part Two


As soon as the doors open everything will change. As soon as my eyes connect with his I'm drawn to him as if I were a teenager again.

Little by little the truth is coming out. Everything he's done to get me back is coming to light.

Love is supposed to be easy when it comes to us, but there's nothing easy about this. I've finally come to realize...

We'll never be together.

Rating -

The plot was way too fast. I didn't get a chance to become intrigued by the storyline because I was busy suffering from whiplash. For practically 99% of the book, Cam is begging Sharp to forgive her for something she didn't do and trying to prove to him that she really loves him. Meanwhile he's already convinced himself that she's a liar and therefore untrustworthy and he won't give her more than sex. The reader knows he's mistaken about her abandoning him 10 years ago. I wonder when that "miscommunication" will be revealed. Dude did a lot behind her back in the name of hate. What he seems to think she did is minuscule in comparison to the crazy ish he's done.

I hope book 3 has a slower-paced plot. Some anticipation would be nice.

Part Three

His words play in my head over and over. Everywhere I look he's there and it's killing me. Whenever our eyes meet all I can see is the darkness in his eyes.

I hate him. I hate that I spent all my time worrying about him and looking for him. I hate everything he stands for. I don't care if we share an unbreakable bond.

It doesn't matter that he won't let me go. I won't go back to him. I'm moving on with my life with my other half and I'll be happy.

How can I spend my life with someone who lies? How can I love him again knowing his cold heart will never thaw?

I'll never fall for his games. I'll never believe his words.

I hate him.

Rating -

Though not as rushed as the second book, I still found the plot wasn't fleshed out as much as it could be. Ayden was still being a hardass and Camila was still pretty pathetic at times. She even apologized for things she didn't do. They were both so confusing that they left me confused. I should... I shouldn't... They kept flip flopping and the word love was thrown around like the word hello. Other than the pace and what seems as a lack of direction, the story was pretty good. I think I more enjoyed the concept rather than the actual plot though. And what was that teasing us with swingers??? Too much was happening behind the scenes for me.

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