Review: Imperfect by Willow Winters

June 20, 2017

Imperfect by Willow Winters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Sins and Secrets Duet #1
Release - May 15, 2017
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 3.5 out of 5
Length - 247 pages

Fate brought us together, but the sins of my past threaten to rip us apart.
In a city ruled by corruption and powerful men, only the ruthless survive.
And that’s just what I am. Like father, like son. The life I lead is riddled with black tie affairs and dark secrets.

A simple mistake destroyed a woman I knew nothing about. She was only a name and a beautiful face in a photograph. Her fairytale life was shattered, but I didn’t give a damn.

Or at least I thought I didn’t care, until she stumbled into me.
One look, and I was tempted.
One taste, and I was hooked.

It wasn’t supposed to turn into this. She’s a good girl from the Upper East Side, innocent and naive. She’s ashamed to be moving on so quickly.
Especially with a man like me. Someone who could tarnish her sterling reputation and make the crack in her picture-perfect frame splinter even deeper.

We both know this was only meant to be a one-time thing.
But I’ll never have my fill of her.
Now she has me wrapped around her little finger, using me to get through her pain. I’m addicted to her soft moans and the way her nails scratch down my back.

I’m starting to need her just as much as she needs me.

I’ll protect her from the truth as long as I can.
But even if she finds out, I’m not letting her leave me.
She’s mine now.

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3.5 "Ummm... What???" stars!!

I'm here at the end of this book and I'm still confused. It wasn't until I got to the end when the story got a bit clearer but the gaps were still huge. But that's just me.

Julia's in mourning. She lost her husband, her high school sweetheart, in an accident. One night, over drinks, she meets Mason, who promises her a night to forget all her woes. This one-night stand inevitably leads to more, however, Mason's holding on to secrets that could destroy their budding relationship.

I had a few issues with the story:
1. Julia's grief and her hesitance to move on were ridiculous. She felt like she was cheating on her dead husband. See, that would be understandable under normal circumstances. But she found out that her husband was cheating all over the place. He had an apartment she didn't even know about. C'mon chica. Firm up. Gird up that spine. Stand tall and stop being foolish. Shoot, he didn't sound all that amazing despite all of this.

2. I absolutely hated Julia's POV. Hated it. It was a bunch of rambling, repetitive nonsense.

3. I didn't like the way Julia treated Mason. Yeah, he was keeping things from her, but SHE didn't know that. Therefore, he didn't deserve her manipulations. And her judgmental friends were definitely NOT helping matters. I swear, all the females in this book needed a good beat down. Knock some sense into them. By me.

4. The only person I knew and understood was Mason. It's funny to me that the only likable person in the entire book was the one doing the most lying. But his POV was real so he had that going for him. Oh and he was the only one who underwent any character development. Julia came from money but I still don't know how. She appears in the paper all the time but I can't figure out what about her warrants notoriety. And beyond Jace being a cheating bastard, who the heck was this guy?

Whatever... I'm off to read book 2 to get some answers.

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