BALLISTIC by Keri Lake

October 11, 2019

BALLISTIC by Keri Lake
"Ballistic is a delicious twisty, dark and unputdownable book. Keri has ended this series of standalone books with a BALLISTIC bang." -Kathy Coopmans, USA Today Bestselling Author

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Eye for an eye
I swear, every hero I've met in these books has been incredible in their own ways. First there was Nick, who had lost everything in a night of horror. He was everything I wanted in an antihero. Then there was Jase, who also lost everyone dear to him as well. He ended up being a sweetheart stuck with a girl I couldn't stand. ๐Ÿ™ˆ In Ballistic we get Dax, best friend to Jase and a man who had suffered his own share of tragedy. After his foster sister was found beaten, raped, and dead, he promised retribution. He's hunted. He's killed. And he won't stop until they have all tasted his vengeance. I was already intrigued by the guy when I met him in Backfire, but in this book I found out he hunts pedophiles. My freaking hero!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

We were as tragically beautiful and fragile as a dead rose. Two souls, broken beyond redemption.

Dax made it his mission to save the amber-eyed girl from Tesarik. He didn't know her, but she was one more victim he wasn't going to have end up like his sister. He had no idea what he was getting himself into because this girl, Nicoletta, was one twisted chica. Her story was a disaster. She was treated abominably from such an early age, and despite her intellectual promise, she hadn't amounted to anything more than a meat stick. She was abused, tortured, and violated. And yet, she wasn't broken. Her rage and hunger for vengeance kept her strong. Every man wanted her and she wanted no one. Not even the guy who was bending over backwards to help her. You know, the guy who risked his life to rescue her for no other reason than because of the goodness in his heart. But I digress. Together these two make a haphazard plan to wreak havoc and it was entertaining to watch.

We remained lost in the unknown side by side, as if fate had swept both of us out, just to see if we’d make it back alive.

While this wasn't my favorite book of the series, because it's practically impossible to beat my love for Nick in Ricochet, I loved getting to know Dax better. In all honesty, he deserved more than what Nicoletta had to offer. I was unable to form any kind of connection to her but that didn't stop me from enjoying the heck out of this book. And that epilogue Made. My. Day! With the calibre of stories found in this series, Keri Lake has found herself a loyal fan in me!

My reviews of the other books in the series:

A life for a life.
On the streets of Detroit, it’s the code we live by. You take from me, I take from you. A balance of power, and a ceaseless war between rivals.
As a foster kid from the projects, I never had much, besides an unshakable addiction to women and drugs. Only took one glance into the amber eyes of a slave for me to realize my two worst vices could be one and the same.
And the woman behind those eyes quickly became my obsession.
Nicoleta is more than she seems. An enigma I’m determined to crack before time runs out and our enemies hunt her down. Except, she moves by her own trajectory, an unstoppable bullet on the warpath to track down the men who murdered a girl from her past.
Me? I’m the rogue whose path is less predictable. A junkie, fiending for the one thing I shouldn’t want: the only woman who gets me high. I want to keep her for myself, but when the unstoppable bullet finally hits her mark and secrets begin to unravel, another life must be paid.
A heart for a heart.

About Keri Lake
Keri Lake is a dark romance writer who specializes in demon wrangling, vengeance dealing and wicked twists. Her stories are gritty, with antiheroes that walk the line of good and bad, and feisty heroines who bring them to their knees. When not penning books, she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughters, and their rebellious Labrador (who doesn’t retrieve a damn thing). She runs on strong coffee and alternative music, loves a good red wine, and has a slight addiction to dark chocolate.

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