Review: The Failing Hours by Sara Ney

February 03, 2017

The Failing Hours by Sara Ney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Standalone - How to Date a Douchebag #2
Release - January 31, 2017
Genre - New Adult Contemporary Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 4 out of 5
Length - 336 pages

Zeke Daniels isn't just a douchebag; he's an a**hole.

A total and complete jerk, Zeke keeps people at a distance. He has no interest in relationships—most a**holes don’t.

Being part of a couple? Nope. Not for him.

He's never given any thought to what he wants in a girlfriend, because he's never had any intention of having one. Shit, he barely has a relationship with his family, and they're related; his own friends don’t even like him.

So why does he keep thinking about Violet DeLuca?
Sweet, quiet Violet—his opposite in every sense of the word.
The light to his dark, even her damn name sounds like rays of sunshine and happiness and shit.

And that pisses him off, too.

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You know those books you can imagine reading again and again and it will never and I mean never get stale??? I can see THE FAILING HOURS being one of those books. I can picture myself getting a paperback copy to put on my shelf to sit amongst my other pretties. I can even imagine myself ordering perhaps another paperback copy just as a reading copy that I could dogear the pages of. I know some of you are sitting there thinking "Natalie is being ridiculous", but I assure you that I am not. Read the damn book and you will fall under its spell too!

I love a tortured hero. A hurt hero. An angry hero. Mad at the world and everyone in it. And that was Zeke. He had the anger downpat. He lived to intimidate, frustrate and isolate. And as a wrestler... annihilate. I really wanted to add another "-ate" in there and that was PERFECT!! Okay, so he was angry. Really, he was beyond broody or moody and I couldn't wait to discover why. So when it was revealed, I was a bit taken aback because I thought it would have been something disturbing (I read WAY too many dark-themed books), but regardless, I began to understand where he was coming from. As Vi pointed out, he was like an onion. As his layers were peeled back, we discovered the depth of his character. It wasn't that he didn't feel anything. It was that he felt everything! And what better way to avoid pain than to be the first to give it???!!! The more I read, the more I fell in love with Zeke. I loved him when he was good and even when he was bad. Whenever he messed up, I was in his corner rooting for him. His one-woman cheerleading squad. However, most of the time, I had sweet Violet for company.

Obviously Violet was my girl! I loved this spritelike chica, stutter and all. She came across as timid and even delicate, but she held herself with such a quiet confidence that you couldn't help but admire the heck out of her. I really thought she was incredibly beautiful. She had limits and whenever I expected her to roll over and just take whatever was dished out to her, she nipped that ish in the bud. She refused to be a doormat and I respected that.

I loved the way Vi and Zeke's opposing personalities played off of each other. How they brought the best out of each other. Whether it was Vi getting Zeke to lighten up enough to smile/laugh or it was Zeke encouraging Vi to come out of her shell more and making her comfortable enough to stop her stutter. Simple things really. They were just beautiful together. I couldn't get enough of them.

This author created a story that resonated with me and I cannot believe it took me this long to take a chance on her. I regret it. Badly. But I'm off now to add her stuff to my TBR and to order those two paperbacks I mentioned earlier ;)

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