ARC Review of Blackout Part I by Janine Infante Bosco

March 31, 2019

Blackout by Janine Infante Bosco
After years of struggling with alcoholism and drug abuse, I got clean and put my best foot forward. I became the man worthy of Lacey Parrish’s love and made the girl with the sad brown eyes my wife. But I’m not the only one in our marriage with demons. Diagnosed a manic depressive, Lacey struggles daily with her mind, never willing to succumb to the stigma of mental illness.

The odds have always been stacked against us, but the stakes have never been this high. Pregnant with our child, Lacey is forced to choose between her mind and the baby we wished for.

I can take pain, but I can’t take hers.
Helpless and at the mercy of all the things that plague us, I turn to my past.
It’s always our favorite sins that do us in.
Suffering through hell, hoping love is enough for us to survive one more blackout.

*This is part one of the Leather & Lace duet and over 70,000 words.*

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Release: March 29, 2019
Genre: MC Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat: Descriptive & frequent
Type: Part One of the Leather & Lace duet
Length: 293 pages
Format: eARC provided by the author



Blackie is an addict. Lacey is bipolar. They're constantly trying to find ways to hold each other up. Their love knows no bounds and they accept the darkness that lives in the other. They have learned to watch for the signs and bolster each other so they don't fall. But Blackie can't fight his demons and Lacey can't fight what she can't see. When the lives of all Satan's Knights comes under pressure, can Blackie keep his ish together?

My 16 year old daughter asked me how I could possibly enjoy a story that I've read before. When I explained that although I've read it before, it's being told from a different perspective, she gave me 'the look'. The 'mom, you're nuts' look. Because some people can't understand how full a story becomes when told from multiple points of view. It's like getting to see every side of it, with a unique twist you can only get from seeing it through the eyes of different people. So yes, I pretty much already know what's going to happen, but getting to see each situation through the eyes of Blackie and Lacey made the experience that much more real.

It sure didn't hurt that this story was written by Janine Infante Bosco. There ain't ever gonna be a time I'll stop reading from this woman. She writes characters who are raw and gritty and real and her stories are full of so much heart. As the reader, you get to experience every nail biting moment and the heartache of the characters and the situations they find themselves in, but you also get to watch them redeem themselves, claw their way out of utter despair, and triumph over their obstacles. I can't get enough of these people!

This book may end on a cliffy, but I'm reassured that part two will be following quickly. I have to know how Blackie and Lacey survive their latest ordeal and I need to bathe a bit more in their unorthodox lives. Oh yeah, and swim in their unconditional love.

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