THEY'RE A MATCH by Chloe Liese

August 05, 2019

THEY'RE A MATCH by Chloe Liese

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Tough Love #3
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 3.5
Format/Source - eARC provided by the author

... and they lived happily ever after!

Love and happy endings are never easy and no one knows that better than Zed and Nairne. They've battled themselves and their own evolving emotions, they've confronted others who were looking to tear them apart, they overcame criminal entities, guns to the face, and hospitalizations... they've had to face more obstacles than most. And yet, their love not only survived, it thrived. Each fight won was a testament to how great their love was and nothing and no one could divide them. Not the mob, an obsessed ex, the government, or even Nairne's insecurities. They were getting their happily ever after no matter the cost!

While this book had the most miniscule of suspenseful elements, it's primary focus was on this couple and how they would navigate their new beginning... again. It was about their pregnancy, their love, and what each of them envisioned as their future. It was full of the enchanting banter we've come to know and love from these two as well as their continued intimacy, physically and emotionally. It was full of family and friends and an intriguing little side story peek of what's to come for Lucas and Elodie. The Tough Love series is about facing fears, accomplishing the improbable, and about absorbing and deriving great pleasure from all the facets of love. Zed and Nairne were two people who not only loved each other deeply, but the love that surrounded them, the love that practically drowned me in its complexities, the love of their family and friends is the love that all humans should feel at one time or another. The love described in these pages is profound and only sells the story of this great romance even more.

Chloe Liese may be just starting her journey as a writer, but her words here will live on forever. Tough Love has touched me deeply and I'm looking forward to reading more!

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They're a Match by Chloe Liese
One blazing relational bond formed by two fiery lovers. And a new element just joined the formula.

Chemistry calls it covalence. Shakespeare named it the “marriage of true minds.” Historically speaking, Nairne never liked the impractical notion of marriage, and Zed never thought he’d live to see the day when tying the knot was even an option. After a decade of entanglement in the mafia, Zed’s now free to play the game he loves and love the woman who owns his heart.

Problem is, the spitfire’s been a loner her whole life. Independent, self-reliant, and driven. And she wants nothing to do with marriage, since statistically it fails more than it succeeds, which to her scientific mind is the universally acknowledged definition of an experimental bust. But the elemental pull toward matrimony between the sexy scientist and her dark and handsome soccer star is stronger than Nairne anticipates. Can she risk her heart for her perfect match, even if it’s a gamble rather than a sure bet?

In the game of life,

you win some, you lose some.

“And They Lived Happily Ever After” is theirs for the taking,

but for that pesky little word that so often gets overlooked…“Lived.”

Book Three in the Tough Love Series—a suspenseful romance, full of sexy Italians, feisty heroines, a house full of friends and family, and an ending that closes the chapter on these lovers, and paves the way for new ones.


© Chloe Liese 2019
Zed stood at the counter, chopping onions and dabbing his eyes with the back of his sleeve.
“Jesus Christ,” he said. “Where’d you get these? They’re killing me.”
I sat at the island across from him, segmenting oranges. “The market down the street. They seemed fresh.”
“No shit.” He laughed.
He finished the onion and slid it into the cast iron pan where it sizzled and popped in olive oil. He set the cutting board and knife in the sink, and I watched his muscles flex under his grey thermal. It fit him unfairly well, and it was all his fault, since the man was particular about his wardrobe. I’d never bought him a stitch of clothing. He blamed it on being Italian.
“You ever see an Italian man who looks like a slob? That’s right, because they don’t exist.”
I smirked to myself and felt a dull ache grow between my thighs as his round shoulders and arse flexed when he leaned for the soap.
“Like what you see, MacGregor?”
I scowled at his back. “You always know when I’m undressing you with my eyes.”
He peered over his shoulder and hit me with those pale tiger irises, along with a knowing smirk. “I don’t know it. I feel it.”
When he finished at the sink, he came over to me, and his hands slipped around my waist.
“You know what I’m thinking about?” he asked.
I was a little preoccupied with how his hands had drifted down to fondle my arse. “Hmm?”
“Where were we this time last year?”
His childhood home in Beacon Hill. He’d left the dinner table abruptly after his father had heckled him about the life Zed had become entangled in, a world he’d felt no choice but to both enter and try to destroy. Problem was, it had been destroying Zed, too.
“I remember,” I whispered. “How you looked so forlorn. I watched the snow and felt like you were as desolate inside as the storm around us.”
He nodded. Kissed me tenderly. “I was.” His hands cupped my cheeks as he smiled. “But then a spitfire came along and blew it all to hell. Brought heat and light and demand. Made me look at my life and want so much more from it.”
Tears burned my eyes. Sometimes I forgot to look back and feel the immense gratitude I should for how far we’d come, what we’d both survived. The life we’d fought to share.
“Thank you, innamorata, for this life. For giving me your love. It’s all because of you.”
I clutched his shirt and pulled him to me, kissing him hard. “I didn’t do it alone. It’s always been the two of us, together.”

About the Author

Chloe writes stories that, like people, resist categories. Her contemporary romances are hot, witty, full of heart and keep you on the edge of your seat. She’s an avid reader, Harry Potter lover, and eats more peanut butter cups than she probably should.

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