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Review: Snared by L.L. Collins

Snared Snared by L.L. Collins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay so... this book was freaking phenomenal!! I'm not sure if I can pinpoint which part(s) I really connected with, but on a whole, I enjoyed every bit of this story. I didn't know what to expect when I went into this. I had just read about Johnny's whoring ways that ultimately stopped when he found love with Bex. Was Beau an undercover manwhore? What was lurking behind his onstage persona? I knew he had to have demons because that seems to be the trend of this series.

I knew that this story would be well-written and emotionally charged. But this story was so much more than that.

There's an Author Note that warns "Beau may wiggle his way into your heart and won't let go." Beau did more than wiggle. He stomped, trampled, invaded and conquered!!

Although this story touches on sensitive topics, such as mental illness, abuse, neglect, abandonment and suicide, it also covered finding self-worth, self-awareness, conquering doubts and fears, overcoming past trauma, and allowing the beauty of hope and love into your very soul.

Beau broke my heart repeatedly and then picked up the pieces and put it back together again. His name was his true essence. He was such a beautiful character to get to know. As the reader, we witness his distress, panic, dread and horror as his past influences his present. We also get to see him triumph over his anxieties and attempt and achieve his potential as a man of worth. A man worthy of a future and of love. April was also a pleasure to get to know. She was beautiful, selfless, generous, nurturing and kind. She provided an incredible counterbalance to Beau's darkness.

This is the second book I've read from LL Collins and I expect to make my way through her entire body of work (her oeuvre).

Be prepared to have your heart strings pulled and for the strong potential of tears!

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