Review: A Surefire Way by J.T. Bock

May 11, 2017

A Surefire Way by JT Bock
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Standalone - UltraSecurity #1
Release - April 1, 2013
Genre - Paranormal/SciFi Superhero Romance
Multiple POV - 3rd person
Heat - 2.5 out of 5
Length - 302 pages

UltraAgent Surefire’s plan is simple: Capture the transhuman thief Raven. Win back the respect of her father. Get a raise.

Easy, right?

Except Surefire just broke the number one rule of her employer, UltraSecurity, a niche security firm that solves crimes committed by genetically enhanced humans like Raven. She trailed Raven into a warehouse without backup. And something more powerful than any transhuman is waiting inside.

Raven’s plan is simple: Atone for his past crimes. Return stolen spiritual artifacts to restore the world’s balance. Don’t get caught by UltraSecurity.

Easy, right?

Until a spunky UltraSecurity agent is suddenly on his tail, although Raven wishes she was on … well, never mind … he can’t get distracted from his mission. Because she’s followed him into a warehouse filled with his reclaimed relics, and Raven’s ex-partner in crime is about to unleash a supernatural-sized complication into his plan.

His old partner has accidentally summoned an Aztec god who will destroy the world unless Raven stops this spirit with a superiority complex. To do this, Raven must team up with Surefire and reveal the truth about his powers, exposing her to a force that can either save the world or destroy them both.

Following Raven into that warehouse throws Surefire into a surreal world filled with moody gods, day-glo skulls, dizzying dimensional portals, maniacal half-roach magicians, and a sexy thief who is more than he appears under his snug t-shirt. Is Raven a criminal, or is he working for a higher power? Surefire needs to be certain, because if she joins him on this mission, she’ll have to surrender everything she believed in for a surefire way to save the world, discover her destiny and find true love.

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Many of you may not know this, but I'm a huge fan, reader and collector of comics, graphic novels and manga. HUGE! And A SUREFIRE WAY read just like that. Well, without the pictures, of course.

Surefire is a transhuman who works for UltraSecurity, a firm contracted by the government to apprehend transhuman criminals. Raven is one of these criminals and Surefire is determined to succeed in catching him whereas other more experienced agents had failed. But she's having a hard time with that because Raven is unlike any transhuman she's ever met. Not to mention his questionable connection to an ancient goddess. It's complicated. Throw in a quack of a magician intent on raising an Aztec god so that he can be truly supernatural and a conspiracy for world domination, Surefire's mission suddenly takes on a life of its own. She's got to learn to work with Raven in order to try to save the world.

I adored Raven and my heart went out to him for all that he's had to endure. The author did a great job with his backstory and making him out to be a sympathetic character, despite his so-called crimes. I had a love/hate kinship with Surefire. In fact, in the beginning I almost quit this story altogether because she came off as too silly and immature and unworthy of my attention. Thankfully I pushed on because this story was about so much more than her. And she kinda/sorta grew on me. Raven definitely stole the show for me and I felt that all of the world building the author did only served to strengthen my heart-on for him. Along with Raven's awesomeness and huge doses of the supernatural, this book was an incredible introduction to this series.

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