January 18, 2019

Parrish by Janine Infante Bosco
Release: January 22, 2019
Genre: MC Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat: 4
Standalone - Satan's Knights #4
Format: eARC provided by author

It’s not a wicked world that drives a man to sin, it’s a deranged mind. Baptized in dirty water by Satan himself, I’ve spent my whole life fighting the good fight, searching for the light in the darkness of insanity. Now, the light I’ve basked in for so long is finally dimming and the time has come for me to take my final bow before the curtain closes on my sanity.

After making a deal with the district attorney and providing my club with full immunity for the crimes we’ve committed, I have twenty-four hours to remind my wife, Reina, why she fell in love with a bastard like me before I turn myself in and break her heart.

But twenty-four hours isn’t enough.
Not for me and certainly not for the Devil.

Tragedy strikes, and my world implodes. It’s lights out for Jack and Reina and a man can’t survive without his sunshine. Engulfed in darkness, consumed by the crazy, I’m a weapon of mass destruction, ready to wreak havoc on the wicked world.
Word to the wise—proceed with caution, motherf*ckers.
The Bulldog is back!

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From The Ruins - ★★★★★
The Devil Don't Sleep - ★★★★☆
Riding The Edge - ★★★★★

My Review


Tried, tested and true. This can be said for both Janine Infante Bosco and the incredible stories she creates. I've been Property of Parrish for quite some time and I couldn't have been happier to get my hands on this story. Aside from Wolf, Jack is the heart of the Knights. Once you become Property of Parrish, you know that you're set for life. You are part of a larger family. Someone's always got your back and you've got a ride-or-die crew at your fingertips. Being tied to Jack and Reina is a precious gift and no one knows that better than the two of them.

Jack is manic depressive. For more years than he can remember, he's been fighting his maker. Now his meds are no longer working and he's desperate, feeling like he's met his end. Afraid without admitting to his fear, he makes a drastic move in what he believes is a bid to save his wife and children from watching his mind self-destruct. But life has a way of messing things up and all of Jack's plans go up in smoke. He's left scrambling, finally feeling true fear, with worry and self-doubt plaguing his every step. There's only one person who can save them now - bring on the Bulldog!

This beautiful woman I never deserved, saved me. - Jack

The love between Jack and Reina has only grown stronger and deeper over time. No matter what befalls them, despite the battles and struggles they've faced, the losses they've endured, living through everything together has only made this couple even more of a force to be reckoned with. Luckily for them, their love was infinite because the hits didn't stop coming in this book.

... for all the trials and tribulations Reina and I endure, our love grows. Our bond strengthens. We become indestructible. - Jack

Two broken souls, scarred and scared, found each other and became whole. 'Before' didn't matter. Only now and the future existed for them. Getting there was the key, but together they could accomplish absolutely anything. Jack and Reina were formidable. They were the epitome of strength. They allowed each other to be vulnerable and the beauty to be found in that was indescribable.

When you've got heart, you will never accept defeat. For when a person has heart, they have a will to rise above hell. - Reina

Was their life perfect? Heck no! However, the author did a brilliant job of giving us the ugly with the pretty and everything in between. It was raw and it was real. Real life has its share of angst and sorrow and JIB has a knack for showing the beauty within the pain. It hurts so freaking good!

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