Review: All or Nothing by Hazel Jacobs

January 03, 2017

All of Nothing by Hazel Jacobs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Standalone - Black Lilith #2
Release: September 29, 2016
Length: 215 pages

Sersha Walsh is a gifted lyricist. She learned her craft on her mam’s knee back in Galway, Ireland. After years as a successful freelancer she’s ready to take on her first big client—Black Lilith—the rock band making waves around the world. But the band’s bass player and current lyricist, Tommy, is less than thrilled to hear that the production company has hired Sersha. He’s moody and distant, but there’s a haunted look in his eyes that has Sersha dithering between wanting to kill him or kiss him.
Living out of a suitcase in the heart of Manhattan may sound romantic, but it’s the sort of thing that can drain a girl, even one as bubbly as Sersha. Thankfully, Black Lilith’s manager, Mikayla, seems determined to make Sersha feel at home. All the while, Sersha and Tommy grow closer, weaving poetry into music and sharing flirtatious looks over his battered notebook.
Just when things seem to be looking up, a ghost from Tommy’s past surfaces, threatening to tear down the careful equilibrium that Black Lilith has built. Sersha will need to decide who to believe and who to trust when the time comes.

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My Review

WOW!! I've just finished reading this book because IT'S LIVE TODAY!! And all I can say is WOW!! It's the first work I've read from Hazel Jacobs (won't be the last) and I loved it! I want more. I've got Black Lilith fever and I need more of Tommy, Logan, Slate and Dash! Damn, but these guys were so amazing and cute and sexy!

I'm not a huge fan of single perspectives in stories. I'll read it but it's not my preference. But Mz. Jacobs did such a great job with it, I didn't really miss Tommy's POV at all. I fell in like with Sersha right from the start. This character was given such a beautiful personality. I loved her vision, her thoughts, her feelings, and her artistry. What completely sold me on her though was her compassion. Her heart was so huge! Through her eyes, I got a clear picture of Tommy's talent, his pain, his sadness, his own huge heart, and of how much he came to care for her.

I loved how nothing really happened romantically between Sersha and Tommy for most of the books, and yet the story didn't drag or lose my interest. Tommy's pain was real and it wasn't brushed under the rug or skimped on. I appreciated that their relationship developed over time. But when it finally happened, HOT DAMN TOMMY!! Or as Slate would say "from zero to sixty like a rocket."

Fave Lines:
I want you all around me. I want to be smelling you on my skin for days." - Tommy

"I care about you, Tommy."
"I care about you too, Sersh,"

I recommend this to anyone who adores great chemistry, romance and hot AF rock stars!!

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