ARC Review: VLAD by Ker Dukey & K. Webster

March 07, 2018

Vlad by Ker Dukey and K Webster
The Vasiliev name is a powerful one.
We rule with an iron fist and we do it well.
Being the eldest, I am Father’s best hope at keeping us at the top of the food chain.

Everything I do has purpose.
Everything I do has reason.
Until her.

I play my games thinking several moves ahead.
Power. Power. Power.
Until her.

The next move requires I marry and soon.
This will strengthen us and secure our position.
But I am not to marry her.

I am to wed the eldest Volkov.
Problem is, her younger sister is the one who awakens my dead heart.
It is her I want in my bed and by my side forever.
Her. Her. Her.

In this game, though, it’s not about what I want.
But maybe it can be about what she wants.

I am Vlad.
Vile. Vicious. Villainous. Vasiliev.
And I will win eventually.



My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vlad was most definitely vile, vicious and villainous. Then again, it seemed all the men in this book were in some way, shape or form. And the women weren’t completely virtuous either. Somehow these characters worked to help create an entertaining story of the dark games and dastardly deeds the deadly and diabolical play.

Vlad has been promised to marry Diana, a girl who he grew up with and called friend. Too bad that he can’t keep his mind or his hands off of Diana’s little sister, Irina. Determined to do right by his duty and his future wife, he’s also intent on having his cake and eating it too.

This ordinary girl does extraordinary things to me.

Full of secrets, lies and betrayals, this story was a wicked treat for any dark or mafia romance lover. Life itself wasn’t guaranteed, whether you were friend, foe or family. Loyalty was a rare commodity and trust was virtually non-existent. And Vlad was sick with the strange turn of events of the last few months. Jealousy cost him his beloved brother and he refused to lose anything else. He was destined to run their world and absolutely nothing was going to stop or distract him from that. Until her.

Her smiles and laughter are my drug. That body of hers is my sustenance. I crave her with everything in me.

While I didn’t agree with Vlad sneaking around with Irina, or his hypocrisy with regards to Diana, I loved the development of their relationship. I loved how innocent Irina appeared to be despite growing up in a world full of human traffickers, gun traders, drug lords, etc. Yet there was this spunky side to her that made her quite the match for Vlad. Although it seemed these two weren’t going to catch a break, it was obvious to me that they were strangely meant to be.

Release: 02-26-18 | Genre: Mafia Romance | POV: Dual - 1st person | Heat: 4 out of 5 | Standalone - The V Games #1

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