Oh, My Dragon by Lani Lynn Vale

January 11, 2020

Oh, My Dragon by Lani Lynn Vale

Surprise sex is the best thing to wake up to... unless you’re in prison.
- Fact of Life

I've always loved sexy loners
I think Ian was my favorite dragon rider yet! He was humble and kind, although he didn't see himself this way. He could be pretty abrupt and blunt in both his behavior and actions, however, he had the best of intentions and I only wish people knew that. I was so grateful to find that Wink saw him for who he really was. Their relationship grew organically and I was amazed at how smooth it was. With LLV's classic flair for humor mixed with romance, this story turned out to be the best of the bunch.

I have three moods:
1. What the fuck?
2. Are you fucking kidding me?
3. Fuck this.
- Wink’s secret thoughts

What we get:
🔥 a whole slew of new powers to learn about. Ian had incredible healing powers, meaning he could heal just about any physical hurt and take the pain onto himself. He could also see DNA, intuit thoughts, and read a situation with startling clarity
🔥 hot sex. I swear, this series has some insanely intense chemistry between its characters and I've loved every single moment of each scene
🔥 a power show. Watching the characters exhibit their talents was such a thrill. From Nikolai creating an illusion to Ian accurately reading Keifer's twins to their shows of strength and perseverance, I was entertained and intrigued. I just want MORE!!

This story only got more and more complex and I'm extremely disappointed to find out that there are no more books in this series. I don't feel like it got the proper closure or resolution. Ian found his long lost sister, Wink's best friend was secretly a dragon rider, and the Purists are still out there. Is there a petition I can sign or create to get this author to pick this series back up? I NEED this series to continue!!

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About the Book
The reclusive Ian barely participates in life, only doing so when his powers demand that he use them or pay the consequences. It seems that there’s not a single person on this planet who doesn’t want something from him, but the pain and suffering of others is nearly unbearable at times, leaving him no choice but to act.

That is until Wink unwittingly walks into his life, completely unaware that she’s stepped straight into the dragon’s den.
Wink is just trying to get home after a long day of work. Her plans for the evening do not include stumbling upon a man with blood on his hands hovering over a dead woman in her hallway.

There are three things that someone in Wink’s position should’ve done in that instance.
1. Slowly back away from the hot, bearded killer and run the other way.
2. Call the cops.
3. Not come back until the scene was safe.

Instead, she stops, takes a picture—drawing the man’s attention to her—and then takes off at the speed of a fat, blind and possibly intoxicated penguin.

Ian tries to let her go, but the moment that she runs, every single one of his predatory instincts surge to the surface and the hunt is on. Ian always catches his prey, this time is no different. What is different is that, for the first time in his life, he is consumed with the need to keep his catch.

Who is Lani Lynn Vale
Lani Lynn Vale is married to the love of her life that she met in high school. She fell in love with him because he was wearing baseball pants. Ten years later they have three perfectly crazy children and a cat named Demon who likes to wake her up at ungodly times in the night. They live in the greatest state in the world, Texas. She writes contemporary and romantic suspense, and has a love for all things romance. You can find Lani in front of her computer writing away in her fictional characters world...that is until her husband and kids demand sustenance in the form of food and drink.

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