Series Review // Monster in His Eyes by J.M. Darhower

September 25, 2023

Monster in His Eyes by JM Darhower

Today's flashback is the Monster in His Eyes series by J.M. Darhower. One of my first ever dark romance reads, these books let me know just how much I would love this subgenre. Dark romance quickly became my go-to.

Monster in His Eyes by JM Darhower

Monster in His Eyes

Ignazio Vitale is not a good man.

I suspect it, the first time I see him, sense the air of danger that surrounds the man. He has a way of commanding attention, of taking control, of knowing what I'm thinking before I even do.

It's alarming and alluring. It's dark and deadly. It's everything I've ever wanted but the last thing I truly need. Obsession.

It doesn't take him long to draw me into his web, charming me into his bed and trapping me in his life, a life I know nothing about until it's too late. He has secrets, secrets I can't fathom, secrets that make it so I can't walk away, no matter how much I beg him to let me go. I see it sometimes in his eyes, a darkness that's both terrifying and thrilling. He's a monster, wrapped up in a pretty package, and what I find when I unmask him changes everything.

I want to hate him.

Sometimes, I do.

But it doesn't stop me from loving him, too.

My Rating: ★★★★ ~ I love my twisted dark books. I cannot get enough of the anti-hero and Ignazio Vitale is definitely an anti-hero. But he's so sexy with it. He's dominant, hot, older, scary, secretive, charming, rich, etc. There wasn't a time in this book that I wasn't interested in what he would do next. I wasn't a huge fan of Karissa unless she was interacting with him. She wasn't interesting but his intriguing shadow made her seem likable.

The history between these two characters was heartbreaking and I honestly thought once everything was revealed that that would be the end. I'm so excited that there's another book to read. I can't wait to find out more about Naz. I want to see how they earn back each other's trust. I want to see them win their hard won HEA or at least a HFN.

Torture to Her Soul by JM Darhower

Torture to Her Soul

Don't say it unless you mean it…

It's a simple concept, one I've said time and again, but something people don't seem to comprehend. You should choose every syllable carefully, because you never know when somebody will hold you to your word.

Somebody like me.

I'm not a good man. I'm not. I know. I have enough darkness inside of me to rid the world of every stitch of light. But there's one I could never harm, one light I couldn't bring myself to snuff out.


She thinks I'm a monster, and maybe I am. I taunt her with my touch, get a thrill out of torturing her soul. But I'm not the only one. The world is full of monsters, and I'm not the most dangerous one out there.

Not even close…

God help me, I love her.

I do.

And God help anyone who tries to take her from me.

My Rating: ★★★★ ~ First, I would like to thank the author for writing this book from Ignazio Vitale's pov. I am sooooooo grateful for it!!

Second, please tell me I'm not the only one head over heels for Naz????!!!! He's amazing! Getting to see everything through his eyes gave me a chance to try to understand what motivated him. To get why he made the choices he did. There were parts of this story that were absolutely gut-wrenching such as when he told what happened the night Johnny came to kill him and his wife and parts that made me laugh. I liked seeing that Naz really had a sense of humour despite his cold appearance. His inner thoughts around people was hilarious! Especially with Paul. And I loved how OCD he was with his things, such as his kitchen and his "trunk".

I'm not sure how I felt about the visiting Maria's grave scene. I couldn't figure out if it was to underline how much he still loved her or if it was to show that through his grief he was able to find love again. He said he felt guilty for what he had with Karissa and it kind of pissed me off. I completely understood it, don't get me wrong, but it still annoyed me.

I'm glad that it didn't take too long for Naz to see Ray's true colours. It's just sad all around. But I am happy that everyone got their just desserts lol.

So after some ups and many downs, Naz and Karissa got their HFN. I wonder how long it really lasts considering there is a third book! Can't wait to read that one and I hope it's in Naz's pov again. I cannot get enough of this character!!

Target on Our Backs

Target on Our Backs

The best way to keep your word is never to give it. Not long ago, in a chapel in Vegas, I swore to love Karissa for the rest of my days. But nobody's promised an infinite number of tomorrows. Nobody's promised forever. Sometimes, all we have left is today.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

It should've been over, we should've been happy, but people are making it hard for me to live in peace. I've got so much blood on my hands they'll never be clean, and somebody out there seems to want me to pay for it. Happily Ever After always comes at a cost, one any real man would be willing to pay. But that doesn't mean I'm just going to roll over and accept these consequences. Because when it comes to the woman I love? The life I've fought for? Nobody is safe.

My Rating: ★★★★ ~ I originally thought the series ended at book 2. And I would have been fine with the HFN that Naz and Karissa got. But I am so happy that there was this third book!! It was phenomenal!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I love love love Naz! He's cruel, vindictive, merciless, ruthless... but the way he loves Karissa is utterly beautiful. Everything he does is to protect her and their future together. And he does a lot to ensure that future in this book. His pov was so amazing that it made me enjoy her's a lot better. I was actually surprised to find her pov palatable. I honestly liked Karissa in this book. She's growing up *tear*

Karissa's friend Melody was wonderful comic relief. I'm not completely sure that was the intention but this character sure gave me a lot of laughs. Her music references were killer and she reminded me a lot of Melody from Josie and the Pussycats. She had a hard time stringing words in a sentence to make sense. Those quotes that were almost there but not quite lol.

Lorenzo... holy crap this character was deadly. But he charmed me and I liked him. I would like to know more about his NY takeover. It would definitely make for an interesting story. Anyway, I found his character to be exactly what I envisioned Naz to be pre-Karissa. Maybe Darhower will give Lorenzo his own version of Karissa. Maybe that story will also include Melody and her beau, Lorenzo's brother Leo. Maybe we could also get to see Naz again??? (*wink wink*)

In the end, I was sorry to say goodbye. But Naz and Karissa have officially gotten their HEA (I think/hope) and I thoroughly enjoyed their story.


  1. I have gotten really behind on this series, only read Monster in His Eyes and this is a great reminder to return to the series there. Loved seeing your thoughts on these though. Glad they turned out to be solid reads for you.

    1. LOL I love that. I've missed whole books in series too and always promise to go back, but then new books and new series are released and I forget. I hope you find your way back to this series some day :)


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