Nocturnes & Nightmares by Keri Lake

April 22, 2019

Nocturnes & Nightmares by Keri Lake
The most terrifying monsters aren’t found in dreams …

Four young socialites have gone missing in the Chicago area. Two found dead, bearing the signature marks of a brutal serial killer. With the kind of tragedy that mars Nola Tensley’s past, she should be concerned, but without a pot to piss in, all the struggling single mom cares about is making a normal life for her son.

After all, she’s clearly not the murderer’s type.
Or is she?

When Rhett Voss, an enigmatic and handsome stranger, answers her ad for the outdated in-law suite at the back of her property, offering double her asking price, Nola really can’t refuse. Even though the supposed Wall Street Wolf seems better suited for a high-rise downtown—a suspicion that quickly turns into hindsight once she submits to the flirtations of her charming new tenant, and consequently, unearths a series of disturbing revelations.

Her curiosities lead her down the path of a madman, whose moniker, The Sandman, only hints at the grisly nature of his crimes. He’s smart. Evasive. A cunning psychopath with a twisted method of disposing his victims.

And his hunting grounds are hitting too close to home.

Author note: This book contains scenes of graphic sex and violence that some readers may find disturbing.

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The Sandman Duet #1
Release: April 29, 2019
Genre: Dark Romance/Thriller
Mulitple POV - 1st person
Heat: 3 out of 5
Format: eARC provided by Give Me Books PR



Nola is a single mom, struggling to make ends meet, trying to give her son the best life she can. Her son is miserable and now mute after witnessing his father's murder. Unbeknownst to her, she's caught the attention of the cities latest serial killer, The Sandman... a killer Voss seems to know very well. In order to finally catch this killer and put him down, Voss needs to get close to the next potential victim. What was supposed to be all business soon turns into so much more when Nola embodies everything Voss never knew he wanted.

This was my first read from Keri Lake and she has me stunned! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, trying to figure out what would happen next. Between the cat and mouse game the killer has going with Voss and new victims turning up right and left, I wanted to see if I could guess who the killer was. But every time I think I'm close, something happens to leave me in doubt. I still think I'm right though. I loved getting the perspective of the killer. While his POV made me cringe and want to cleanse myself, I couldn't get enough of his sickness. Hey, don't give me that look! I'm also a little bit in love with Voss. He's former military and is now employed to 'take care of things'. He's got a special set of gifts that only make him hotter in this fictional world.

Bring on the next book of this duet! Let me scare myself some more, constantly looking over my shoulder, and protecting my eyeballs from any and all threats. I can't stand Nola and her irrational behavior and illogical thoughts, but I love how perfect she is as a victim. I wonder how Voss will protect her and if he'll be able to save everyone in the end. ★ Fingers crossed!! ★

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