Review: Cold Secrets by Toni Anderson

February 07, 2017

Cold Secrets by Toni Anderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Standalone - Cold Justice #7
Release - January 31, 2017
Genre - Romantic Suspense
Multiple POV - 3rd person
Heat - 2 out of 5
Length - 402 pages

Computer expert Ashley Chen joined the FBI to fight against evil in the world—evil she experienced firsthand. She has mad skills and deadly secrets, and once she starts working with straight-shooting FBI agent, Lucas Randall, she also has big trouble. After years of pushing people away, she's finally falling for someone. The feeling is entirely mutual, but as Ashley intensifies her online pursuit of an international trafficking ring, her traumatic past collides with her present and suddenly Lucas can't tell which side she's on. As the case escalates into a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, it turns out Ashley isn't the only one with something to hide.

If neither can trust the other with their secrets, how can they trust each other with their hearts?

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This book definitely started off with a bang! No lead up, no playing around. The author dumps us right into the middle of the plot and doesn't hold back any punches.

COLD SECRETS was an intense, suspenseful romantic story. Lucas and Ashley were FBI agents on a task force to take down a human trafficking ring in Boston. In the midst of their investigation, they can't fight the undeniable attraction that sparks between them.

I enjoyed the many elements that were explored to detail everything about the investigation. I even liked the fact that Ashley was so blunt when it came to racism, prejudice and racial profiling (she was half-American and half-Chinese). I'm not sure if everything that happened would be entirely accurate, but it was definitely entertaining. There was never a dull moment and this book read like a true TV crime drama, which was awesome because that is my favorite genre to watch!

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