Review: Dirty CEO by Mickey Miller

March 11, 2017

Dirty CEO by Mickey Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Standalone - Windy City Bad Boys #1
Release - March 14, 2017
Genre - Contemporary Mafia Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 4 out of 5
Length - 309 pages

LaRosa and MacNamara are two names that don't belong in the same breath. Not unless you want bullets flying through the air, and blood on the floor.

I'm sick of the death and fighting. All that violence? Yeah, I might love it, but it's not good for my bottom line. With Kelly MacNamara's influence, my money, and our fake relationship, the decades-long feud between her family and mine is coming to an end.

I just hadn't expected to become addicted to Kelly's tight little body, come hither eyes, and scorching kisses. She might be a wanna-be actress, but the heat between us is all too real.

As the only daughter of an Irish bigwig, I'm expected to follow in my father's footsteps and take over the family business. But I don't want this life. I have California dreams and a shoestring budget. Truth was, I had zero chance of changing my life. Until Vince LaRosa offered me an out.

His plan? Pose as his girlfriend, smooth over the tension between the Italians and Irish, and then I’ll head west to start over with a nice little nest egg compliments of the man himself.

It didn't seem like a big deal to fake it for a few months. He's ruthless as hell and panty-dropping hot. I thought I could handle him and the passion between us. But I was wrong.

Now, not only is my family in jeopardy from Vince's ruthless strategies, but so is my heart.

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Ooh wee!! This was an interesting blend of sexy and smutty with a plot you can sink your teeth into. As the first book co-authored by Mickey Miller and Holly Dodd in their new series, Windy City Bad Boys, it served to titillate my senses and has me clamoring for more from them.

Like a modern day Romeo and Juliet, Vince LaRosa and Kelly MacNamara knew better. The Irish and the Italians have been out for each other's blood for nearly a century, but these two had had enough of all of the fighting and the dying. So when Vince suggests they pretend to be together in order to unite the two sides, Kelly reluctantly agrees. Neither one of them was prepared for the sizzling chemistry they'd share nor could they predict that their feelings would grow deeper for one another. All in all, their time together made for one heck of a ride.

Although there wasn't an abundance of character depth and some details got lost in the plot, this was a highly entertaining read. Or maybe it was all because of Vince that I enjoyed this story so much. Regardless, it had a bit of everything and as a smut lover, these authors had me covered. I even loved the glimpses I got of a historical Chicago and it's infamous gangsters, which helped to make this a worthwhile mafia romance read. I can't wait to read Connor's story!

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