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Review: The Mission by L.J. Wilson

The Mission The Mission by L.J. Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The story picks up where Ruby Ink left off. It switches from the past to the present and back again quite smoothly. I enjoyed how Evie and Sebastian discovered each other and revealed how different the worlds that they belonged to really were. Evie's background was almost cult-like. Her sect was at once free but strict. Evie seemed to have an innate curiosity that the other members lacked and it helped her to form a connection with Sebastian.

Meanwhile, in the present, Alec and the rest of the Tribe of Five (Aaron, Jake, Troy minus Honor), along with Jess, are trying to find clues that will explain the strange disappearance of their parents (Evie and Sebastian). As we learned in the first book, their parents were believed to have died in a plane crash in Columbia, but the plane and their bodies were never discovered. However, while on assignment in Columbia, Jess finds the plane with minimal damage, no bodies, and a message written in what could be blood to the Clairmont children. Thanks to her investigation, the search for their parents is back on!

All roads lead to Good Hope and the answers lie with the people of the sect. And those answers are mind-blowing! When is the next book coming out???

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