Off Limits by Penny Dee

February 10, 2020

Off Limits by Penny Dee

I was walking the plank towards an agonizing end.
But damned if I cared.
I was so addicted to her,
I'd walk through my worst nightmare to keep her.
- Ruger

-- Rules were made to be broken --
Chastity was the MC's little princess. She grew up in the life and for the most part, she loved it... except for the fact that she couldn't catch a proper man or lose her virginity no matter how hard she tried! After a plumbing mishap in her apartment, she needs a temporary place to stay and Ruger has no problem offering her a room. She's cool with it because he's her crush and she can peep him at her convenience. He's cool with it because she's family and he'd do anything for his family. Besides, there's a 'DO NOT TOUCH rule' around Chastity, meaning no club members can seek her out. No problem. Right? WRONG!! Pretty soon, Ruger sees Chastity as the incredibly beautiful woman she is and although he fights the pull hard, their chemistry made them inevitable and he finally stops resisting. They were so sexy and dirty together and I loved how the author developed their relationship.

From the cover to the blurb to the trope... Penny Dee nailed this story! If you love age gap stories as much as I do, the dirtier the better, you're gonna love this book!

Trope: age gap

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-- About the Book --
I'm about to break the biggest rule of all.

I was sixteen when she was born.
The niece of my best friend.
An angel with bright blue eyes and hair the color of night.
Through the years I’ve seen her grow from an adorable dimpled cupid into a strong, independent beauty.
Into a goddess.
A temptress.
Fate has brought us together.
But she is off limits.
I’ve got no business wanting her.
No business at all.

For years I’ve crushed on him.
An older man who makes me tremble.
A biker King whose arms I want to get lost in.
Whose body I can only dream about touching.
Whose lips I’m dying to taste.
I shouldn’t want him.
But I do.
I shouldn’t lust after him.
But tell that to my poor hopeless heart.
I should stay away.
But I won’t.

-- Who is Penny Dee? --
Penny Dee writes contemporary romance about rockstars, bikers, hockey players and everyone in-between. Her stories bring the suspense, the feels and a whole lot of heat.

She found her happily ever after with an Australian hottie who she met on a blind date.

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