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Review: Filthy Rich by Raine Miller

Filthy Rich Filthy Rich by Raine Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's been two years since we've seen anything new from Raine Miller, but with Filthy Rich, she came back with a bang! I fellin love with Caleb Blackstone within the first chapter and the further along I got with this story, the more that love solidified!

Caleb was handsome, refined, considerate, generous, a gentleman, had a huge heart, fell helplessly in love with Brooke almost instantly, and was obviously "filthy rich". Brooke grabbed my heart from the get go as well and I was anxious to find out the reason(s) for her innate sadness. I wasn't prepared for the truth.

Actually Jack, I could indeed handle it. Doesn't mean I had to like it. My heart broke for Brooke but it did explain a lot of what shaped this young woman into the formidable force she was. Despite the pain of her past (or maybe because of it), Brooke was as beautiful as Caleb, inside and out. These two were made for each other. Together they created something so special. Something worth holding on to for all time. Caleb's father's wisdom rang true throughout this story and I adore each time that Caleb dwelled upon his words.

There was tons of drama and the author dished it out in ways that made me laugh, cringe, and become tense with the suspense. In particular, Janice was a freaking ridiculous hot mess!

This was a fantastic introduction to what I can tell will be a truly awesome series. I'm excited to learn more about the infamous Blackstones and can't hardly wait for the next installment!

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review

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