Ruthless King by Alison Aimes // ARC Review

January 11, 2021

Alphas dominated while betas served, and omegas submitted.

Ruthless King by Alison Aimes

Standalone - Ruthless Warlords #1
Release - January 11, 2021
Genre - SciFi Omegaverse Dark Mafia Romance
Dual POV - 3rd person
Heat Level - 4.5 out of 5/frequent
Format/Source - eARC provided by the author
Length - 367 pages

He's the most brutal Alpha crime boss in the galaxy—and she belongs to him now. Payment for a debt owed. Pawn for an act of vengeance. Property to be used, knotted, and bred.

Irresistibly gorgeous mafia king Nikolai Skolov is dominant, hard, possessive—and determined to bend innocent omega Dahlia Lundin to his will. But she is equally determined to resist. The lives of those she loves depends upon it.

Except Dahlia isn't prepared for the insatiable hunger the Alpha's discipline awakens. Or her soul's recognition that her new master is also her fated-mate.

As dangers mount and betrayals loom, all Dahlia knows is turned on its head. Allegiances are tested. Secrets exposed. Until Dahlia is not sure if her ruthless enemy is the monster who will destroy her or the only one left who can save her...

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I have never read from Alison Aimes before, but after reading Ruthless King, I'm definitely adding her to my must-read list!

Here are the reasons why you should read this and why it got five stars...
❤️ fated mates
❤️ organized crime shenanigans
❤️ fierce warrior who was insanely hot
❤️ strong and stubborn omega who tried to give as good as she got
❤️ revenge plot
❤️ brilliant storytelling and incredible world building. I could feel the cold of ice planet Abzal.
❤️ tons of hot sex. TONS!!
❤️ enemies-to-lovers trope that blossomed into something truly beautiful
❤️ redeemable characters and huge hints to what's to come...

Nikolai Skolov is an Alpha - dominant, fearless, gorgeous - and he was the glue that held the Skolovs together. A horror from the past has gone unavenged and unanswered, and now's the time for justice. For truth. And Dahlia Lundin, daughter of his greatest enemy, is the key. Traded to pay her father's debts, she expects abuse, unkindness, and unending punishment. Nikolai wants to use her gift to make her family pay. She is willing to sacrifice anything to keep her family safe. They're at odds until she realizes she's fighting the wrong thing and the wrong person.
Every filthy, arrogant pronouncement only made her wetter.
She fought it as best she could.
"This isn't me. You're triggering my heat. You're using my weakness against me."
"Weakness? It's not some flaw inside you. It's all you are, omega. This is what you were made for. Your body knows exactly what it was designed to do. Give."
While she grew up treated as trash, Nikolai treated her as his treasure. They were supposed to be on opposite sides, enemies, but with his every move, every thought, every touch, Nikolai proved to Dahlia that everything she knew was wrong. And she gave him the most ultimate prize - her heart. With her, he found all that he was missing.
With Dahlia, he was reborn.
He was content.
It was more, in fact, than anyone had ever given him before.
I fell in love with these characters so easily. I loved when they fought, I loved when they bantered, and I loved when they loved. Most of the bad guys got just what they deserved, the good guys kinda won, and I'm looking forward to the next hunt.

Alison Aimes is the award-winning author of the sexy sci-fi romance series the Condemned as well as the sizzling contemporary romance Billionaire Bad Boys collection. A sci-fi fanatic with a PhD in Modern history, she’s an all-over-the-map kind of woman with a love for dramatic stories and great books, no matter the era. Now, she’s creating her own stories full of intrigue and passion, but always with a happy-ever-after ending. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two kids, and dog. When not in front of the computer, she can be found hanging with family and friends, hiking, trying to turn herself into a pretzel through yoga, listening to a fabulous TED talk, or, last but not least, sitting on the couch imagining her characters’ next great adventures.

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