Review - Surge by Angel Payne

January 06, 2019

With her physical abilities ignited beyond imagination, Emmalina Crist now stands as an equal with the love of her life, Reece Richards. The only thing better than becoming a badass warrior by day is basking in the man’s passion by night.

But the newly christened Flare―and all her solar-powered abilities―must remain a secret from the world, hidden from enemies that threaten to reemerge at any the most important day of Reece and Emma’s life. The crisis exposes a new layer to the Consortium’s vile vendetta and forces the newlyweds into a painful separation.

When Reece and Emma are finally reunited, the joy is double-edged. Team Bolt is still in danger, and there’s a precious new life they’ll do anything to protect―including going into hiding. With her identity stripped and her life changed, Emma questions her choices and retreats from Reece. The hero of LA is broken and searching for answers, and everything hangs in the balance.

Volume One: Bolt - ★★★★★
Volume Two: Ignite - ★★★★★
Volume Three: Pulse - ★★★★★
Volume Four: Fuse - ★★★★★



You already know how much I love Reece Richards. Seriously, he's BAE. I cannot get enough of him and I can't imagine how I'll cope when his story finally reaches its end. He's fierce, protective, such an incredibly sexy alpha male, funny, determined, and a gosh darned superhero. Who could resist all of that?

"You're the center of my soul. The compass of my integrity." - Reece

Emmalina has become Flare, working to control her new powers to be able to fight alongside her love. She comes into some new effects that no one is clear on how they developed. But they were cool! The Consortium hasn't skulked off. Faline is more determined than ever to conquer both Reece and Emma. She works her manipulative and evil ways around them so tight that these two can't find any peace. Reece, as protective as ever, means to confront the demon head on rather than wait for another attack. More answers and new questions abound in this volume and I can't wait to see how this all influences the rest of the story.

"None of them were you, showing me everything my world could be and everything I could be in it. With none of them did I feel like part of an us. Like part of our us. With none of them did I feel like my every breath, my every thought, my every moment didn't just matter to someone else but was shared by someone else." - Reece

That being said, this was my least favorite volume of the collection. Yeah, it still got four stars, but going into this I was certain it would get five. All four of the previous volumes got five stars, so why not this one? It was just too wordy. I found myself skipping pages and pages and pages of unnecessary internal dialogue. And the multitudes of pop culture references got under my skin. I don't know why this time was harder to deal with than others. I'm the queen of pop culture drops in conversation. But I was annoyed, which bothered me because I've never been annoyed while reading this series. I'm really hoping that whatever didn't work for me here stays here and I can five-star the next book.

Release: January 15, 2019
Genre: Erotic Superhero Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat: 4
Type: Bolt Saga - Volume Five
Format: eARC provided by Bare Naked Words


  1. SO grateful for your honest feedback, and for supporting the Bolt Saga! Thank you so much, Natalie! I hope that you enjoy Light (Volume 6), which will be the final part of the Bolt Saga.

    1. I can't wait to continue this saga. Reece is the epitome of a book boyfriend!! ❤❤❤


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