A Grave Robbery, Heaven Hill, and Cole

January 24, 2024

One of the things I love about the bookish world is that one book can evoke different feelings in all sorts of readers. One book can be a five-star read for me and a DNF for someone else. We all see something different because we're all different and I love exploring those differences by reading reviews.

Full disclosure: I read these books years ago, but I do remember enjoying them. Have you read them? Are you interested?

A Grave Robbery by Deanna Raybourn

A Grave Robbery by Deanna Raybourn

Veronica Speedwell #9
Historical Mystery Fiction

Lord Rosemorran has purchased a wax figure of a beautiful reclining woman and asks Stoker to incorporate a clockwork mechanism to give the Rosemorran Collection its own Sleeping Beauty in the style of Madame Tussaud’s. But when Stoker goes to cut the mannequin open to insert the mechanism, he makes a gruesome discovery: this is no wax figure. The mannequin is the beautifully preserved body of a young woman who was once very much alive. But who would do such a dreadful thing, and why?

Sleuthing out the answer to this question sets Veronica and Stoker on their wildest adventure yet. From the underground laboratories of scientists experimenting with electricity to resurrect the dead in the vein of Frankenstein to the traveling show where Stoker once toured as an attraction, the gaslit atmosphere of London in October is the perfect setting for this investigation into the unknown. Through it all, the intrepid pair is always one step behind the latest villain—a man who has killed once and will stop at nothing to recover the body of the woman he loved. Will they unmask him in time to save his next victim? Or will they become the latest figures to be immortalized in his collection of horrors?

Rating -

I wanted to try something different and the blurb of this one really tickled my fancy. The last time I read a historical mystery fiction book was when I went through an Amanda Quick phase (which was terribly great) and I was hoping for a similar experience. While this differed greatly from other works I read, I did find myself enchanted.

Stoker and Veronica were such an amusing pair. She was more delighted than he was to be embroiled in a murder plot and I liked being along for the ride. I could have done without the wordy prose—there are only so many costume changes I need to know the details of—but being in the midst of historical England was a pleasant ordeal.

With a cast of colorful secondary characters, there was a lot to like about this story. Stoker was my favourite and, for him alone, I'd read more of this series.

Heaven Hill Series Box Set by Laramie Briscoe

Heaven Hill Series Box Set by Laramie Briscoe

Heaven Hill #1-4
Contemporary MC Romance

Book #1 – Meant To Be
Single Mother Denise Cunningham meets her match when Heaven Hill VP Liam Walker convinces her to do a job for the club. Once she’s in, she’s not sure if she’ll ever want to get out.

Book #2 – Out of Darkness
Fan favorite Tyler Blackfoot helps rape survivor an ex-reporter Meredith Rager find her way to womanhood again.

Book #3 – Losing Control
Strip club waitress Bianca Hawks needs a mechanic in a bad way – good thing Heaven Hill member Jagger Stone is more than willing to offer his services.

Book #4 – Worth The Battle
Military veteran and newly patched Heaven Hill member Layne O’Conner struggles with PTSD and the return to civilian life when his first love, movie starlet, Jessica Shea asks for his help in getting her out of the public eye.

Rating -

As the first books in this series, these were a great introduction to a biker gang that felt more like family.

In Meant To Be we meet Denise and Liam. She's a single mother of twins, trying and failing to make ends meet when Liam's club offers her an opportunity she can't refuse. Money's coming in, a nosy reporter is on her ass, and Denise can't fight her attraction to Liam, the future prez. When imminent danger threatens her life and the safety of her kids, it's up to Liam to step up his game and prove his claim over his new family. The author even threw in a terrifying scene that I'm sure gets more exposure in the next book. This story was sweet with a touch of suspense.

In Out of Darkness, we see the fallout of what Meredith lived through in the previous book. Tyler was the one to find her and he's the only person who makes her feel safe. He's taken her in, provides her comfort, and even seeks outside help to get her back to some semblance of normal. Tyler was one exceptional hero and his patience and understanding knew no bounds. Everything comes to a head when one of their most trusted ends up being the one behind the horror that Meredith faced. Tyler was the best thing about this story and I hope I haven't seen the last of him.

In Losing Control, Heaven Hill's newest patched member, Jagger, finally gives into his feelings for the waitress he can't seem to get enough of. While Bianca made him work hard for her, there was no denying that she was experiencing the same 'out of control' emotions he was. Seeing the other members of the club was great and there was some suspense thrown in to keep things lively.

Worth the Battle was all about military veteran-turned-biker outlaw, Layne, and his second chance with the movie star who was also his friend, Jessica. She's running away from her problems, hoping to start fresh and he's running from the pain and torment of his PTSD. With a sprinkle of suspense and a whole lot of love, it made for some entertaining reading.

Cole by Megan O'Brien

Cole by Megan O'Brien

Ride #1
Contemporary MC Romance

For eight years I’d been content with my quiet life. I was safe in the bubble I’d built for myself. But I wasn’t really living.

Until one chance encounter changed it all.

Scarlet Malone has lived quietly for years hiding from her past. Aside from her best friend Kat she doesn’t allow herself to get close to anyone. Then Cole Jackson, Vice President of The Knights MC comes bursting into her life with his gorgeous eyes and fierce determination to have her in his bed and his life.

Scarlet’s letting her walls down for the first time in her life. Could Cole really be her happily ever after?

When Scarlet’s past becomes their present will she run to protect those she loves? Or can she trust in Cole to protect her life and her heart?

Rating -

I read this because who doesn't like a good biker book? This one had the potential to be great because it had great elements. However, for me, it needed to be fleshed out more.

What I enjoyed:
• Scarlet's background
• Cole's overall demeanor (Alpha baby)
• the camaraderie of all the side characters
• the elements of suspense from Jake
• the pacing and easy flow of the writing

What I didn't much enjoy:
• the fact that Scarlet always had something to say. I liked her feistiness but sometimes it was unnecessary
• the lack of details (I.E. Cole's missing mom was just thrown out there. Wtf?!)
• I like fast paced books but I needed more info
• how much time was given to Kat and Sal when they have their own book
• the fact that this is told entirely from Scarlet's POV

Overall, it was a good book and I'd read others from this author.


  1. I haven't read any of these. I'm always tempted by the Deanna Rayborn books because, well, the name Deanna. :)

    1. LOL I get that :) I'm still looking for a Natalie that works!


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