Review: Jackal by Tarryn Fisher & Willow Aster

December 16, 2018

Jackal by Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster
Jackal Emerson has never taken himself seriously. Dubbed the “orgy king,” he’s renowned for his reputation as the wild End Man. But with the uprising on the horizon and his best friend missing, Jackal is having a hard time living the same carefree existence.

And then he meets a thief and everything changes.

Phoenix Moyo, principal dancer of a notorious ballet company, lives a life of rigidity. When her world collides with Jackal’s, their chemistry is evident to everyone except her. Forced to work with him to steal the most precious commodity of the Regions, she realizes too late that there is no escaping Jackal’s charisma.

When unimaginable crimes come to light, the Regions begin to crumble. No one is safe. Families divide and secrets are exposed, danger running rampant on every side. For some, sacrifice costs everything.

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After falling in love with Folsom and Gwen in the previous book, I was looking forward to seeing where the heck they ended up after the cliffhanger. I was hoping to see more of them than I did in this book but I am glad for the glimpses I did get. The real plot was still moving forward despite the fact that this wasn't their story. This was mostly about Jackal and Phoenix and how they fit in to Folsom and Gwen's story.

In a world where you’re given everything, the thing they tell you not to want is what you want the most.

Jackal was one of the 12 End Men, but unlike Folsom, he found a way to enjoy the life he was leading. I found it hard to like him because after learning what their lives are really like, I couldn't understand how he was so okay with it all. Then he met Phoenix and realized that he was only fooling himself. She not only pushed him to finally see his situation for what it was, she challenged him to finally stepping up for something more than the directive he was given. Simply participating in orgies and giving the women what they want weren't the ways to fix his nation and he slowly learned how big of a role he could play.

“Love is something that happens to you. You don’t necessarily invite it in.”

While this couple in no way measured up to Folsom and Gwen, this story was still interesting. I realize that there are still more books to this series, but I really wish the story could be about the original couple and told from their perspectives. Am I the only one? I don't think there's anyone I'll like as much as them. The movement is all about them, no matter how much I'm told it isn't so. I hope to see more of them in the next book.

Oh and I'll leave you with my favorite quote in the book:

If a male Tasmanian devil is not very good, the female will just get up and walk away during sex.

As it should be! 😂😂😂

This is a forbidden romance with a dystopian theme

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