ARC Review: WHEN SINNERS KNEEL by R. Scarlett

March 10, 2018

When Sinners Kneel by R. Scarlett
Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.

Lex Harvey came to The Pit to find her missing friend. Someone who fights there must have the answers she’s seeking. Instead, she found him. The damage inside her matches the darkness inside him. She’s only eighteen, but the feelings she has for him are as old as time.

Beau Knight should have ruled New York. Falling in love was the beginning of his end. He watched her die and he lost his heart. Now, The Pit is his heaven and his hell. The only place he can be himself.

They’re both beyond fixing. Addicts, with desires humans couldn’t understand.

A soulless man and a souleating girl.

How do you find redemption from your demons when you are one?

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 “Let me save your soul” stars!!

Holy freaking cow!! R. Scarlett literally blew my world apart with Beau’s story. I imagined it would be dark and terrifying and sad and beautiful. But my imagination truly didn’t do this story justice. Beau was so incredibly multi-faceted. As each layer of his psyche was unveiled, there was another on waiting to be explored. This author created a story that was not only deep and heartbreakingly gorgeous, it also held a special poignancy that in the end felt cleansing. It was as if I had to journey through Beau’s pain to find the utter strength, power and beauty of his character. Gosh, and his intense desire for his new heart beat…

And let us not forget Lex! This young woman simply amazed me with her goodness. The connection she shared with Beau was fearless in the face of almost certain devastation. She knew the darkness and shadow that filled his soul and she wanted to heal him. After everything she had been through, the atrocities she had suffered, and this woman still found hope and the value of love.

Honestly, this story really touched me, in ways that I couldn’t have predicted. I almost cried, which is an incredible feat to achieve. But I also smiled so much because the evolution of Beau was an awesome thing to witness. I’ve craved his story from his first mention through Tensley and I’m so happy to have gotten the chance to really meet him. I’m both honored and humbled. I cannot wait to see what other stories this series will bring. I’m hoping for some Illya one day and I’m definitely looking forward to the Prince of the High Court!

Release: 03.06.2018 | Genre: Paranormal Romance | POV: Dual - 1st person | Heat: 3 | Standalone - Blackest Gold World #1


  1. Whoa, this book sounds really good. I've heard so much about it already. Do I need to read the Blackest Gold series before starting this?

    1. Thanks babe! It can be read as a standalone, but if you want the full experience of these incubi, their back story and everything, then I strongly suggest starting from the beginning. It's incredibly good!! ❤ xoxo


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