ARC Review: FEAR THE WICKED by Lily White

December 08, 2017

Fear The Wicked by Lily White


It's what he said to me across his altar, what he demanded so that I would be pure.

In the moment he blessed me with his virtue, I was no longer the woman I'd once been.

I was Eve.

His light. His salvation. His bridge to Heaven's gate.

I failed him because my faith was not strong enough.

He punished me for not giving in.

Resisting temptation is never easy.

Not when his hands, his teeth, his heat and hunger were the greatest of my sins.



My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 YOWZA stars!!

In book one, I learned about the cult that Elijah had created and witnessed how confused and brainwashed Eve became under his influence. I felt her pain, disillusionment, fear, and need. I also saw her devout faith and belief in the ism that Elijah had created. Elijah was clearly a monster, but this book made me see him so much more clearly. I finally got to understand his motives and his story broke my heart. Is it odd that I was truly sympathetic to this character? I really wanted him to get some help and finally obtain a happy ending. His twin, Jacob, wasn’t a true ‘hero’, but he was willing to sacrifice himself in order to stop Elijah’s evil machinations. These boys suffered immeasurable abuse by those who were tasked with protecting and nurturing them. How they turned out doesn’t seem like such a surprise anymore. Then there’s Eve. Or should I say Sedra. I felt so sorry for this girl. I’m strangely drawn to all things ‘cultish’ and I truly believe that this author nailed the darkness that lives within it.

There was no good in this world, only the wicked, and they were the most beautiful, the most charming, the most deceiving…

Fear The Wicked was creepy, painful, heart-wrenching, and dark. This author takes you right into the head of a psychopath whose mind is full of anger, hate, lust and revenge. She also lets us find hope in the hopeless and light in the darkness. If you’re looking for a read that will send tingles down your spine and take you out of your comfort zone, look no further than the Illusions Duet!

Release Date: November 29, 2017
Genre: Dark Romance
POV: Multiple - 1st person
Heat: 3.5 out of 5
Type: Part 2 of the Illusions Duet

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