TIME by Penny Reid

April 17, 2019

A (brokenhearted) physicist.
Now an infamous (who is LITERALLY EVERYWHERE!! UGH!) musician.
The worst has already happened.

Mona has learned that she has nothing figured out and plans are meaningless. After leaving her in Aspen, Abram is now breaking sales-records, rising to rock star fame almost overnight. Mona can’t seem to escape him. He is literally everywhere, or at least images of him are.

Just when she thinks things can't get any more confusing, Abram returns . . . What happens next? Only TIME will tell.

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Release: April 15, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance - second chance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat: Descriptive
Type: Laws of Physics #3
Length: 303 pages
Format: ebook provided by Social Butterfly PR

My Review


Abram owned me! He grabbed a hold of my heart when this story was put into Motion and he made sure not to let go when he refused to leave any Space between himself and his love. When he and Mona finally found some Time, he decided to finally claim me. And I was oh so willing to be claimed!!

Abram was perfection! I must admit that as much as I've loved Mona, she irked me a bit in this book. Abram's love was so all-consuming that her love felt like an add-on. It wasn't as powerful or as moving as his. I'm sure I shouldn't be comparing how they love, but it was impossible to resist. So while there was no doubt that Mona loves her some Abram, his love for her was a lot more obvious.

★ No one fucks with Mona. No. One.
★ "It's living artistry, Mona." Abram's gaze turned cherishing, earnest. "Being with you is like living in a song."
★ "I love you with every part of myself, you've invaded every corner, every secret place, and I only want - I've only ever wanted - your happiness."

See what I'm saying? I couldn't find not one quote from Mona to encapsulate the same feeling. Sorry, not sorry. But never fear, these two are in love and despite the many obstacles they face, such as time and space, they don't let any of that stop them from being together. With Abram's endless patience and understanding, I can only envision a rapturous future for them both.

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