Sold to the Circus by Lani Lynn Vale

January 23, 2024

Sold to the Circus by Lani Lynn Vale

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Sold to the Circus by Lani Lynn Vale

Sold to the Circus by Lani Lynn Vale

Rating - 1/2
Standalone - Welcome to the Circus #5
Release - January 23, 2024
Genre/Trope - Contemporary Romance / second chance
POV - Dual 1st person
Heat - explicit scenes
Source - eARC provided by the author
Length - 257 pages

Five years ago when she left, she broke my heart. No warning. No hey, this isn’t working out. No nothing. Just poof. One day she’s there, in my bed, and we’re talking about our futures. The next, she’s gone.
So when she shows up five years later and acts like she didn’t leave me with a broken heart, I get angry. So. Freakin’. Angry.
Of course, this is where I spiral. When we went through medical school together, we were on equal footing. Not anymore. Now I’m her attending, and I’ve made it my personal mission to make her life hell.
She wants to finish up her residency and finally become a doctor? Well, she’ll have to go through every single bad thing I can throw at her, first.
Seeping, maggot-infested, pus-filled bed sore? Yep, that’s hers to take care of. Man sh*tting every three seconds uncontrollably? That’s also hers. Man and woman having a baby while also in the throes of a divorce? You guessed it. Hers.
If I can make her leave after what she put me through, I’ll feel accomplished.
Only problem is, I forgot how determined Valhalla Singh was. Guess she’ll be reminding me.
Because Valhalla wasn’t named that for nothing.

"I never hated you, Felix.
And I never will.
There's nothing you can do to change that."

Sold to the Circus by Lani Lynn Vale

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Even when they were bickering and sniping, or just plain trying to avoid each other, there was no denying the lasting connection between Val and Felix.

They were once a couple, finding their way to forever... and then they were not. When Val's father died, leaving a caveat in his will to force his children back to the circus, she and Felix made a plan to work around her new schedule. But things didn't work out that way and both thought the other had thoroughly abandoned them. All I wanted was for them to finally have a conversation, and when they did, it was amazing to see how fast everything worked out.

Well... sorta.

This was an entertaining read and I found myself amused by a character who tried to cause trouble.

"I will put you in a trunk and help people look for you. Try me." —Text from Val to Tammy

I found it so very easy to like Val and Felix. They were such warm and fun characters and their story was both emotional and realistic. Will Keene be next or will we watch Zip fall first?

Lani Lynn Vale is an American author of humorous romantic suspense novels. Born in the Great State of Texas, she has lived the majority of her adult life in East Texas where most of her novels are based. She’s married to her high school sweetheart whom her readers refer to as “LLV’s Bearded Half.” She published her first novel, Boomtown. in the summer of 2013 after the birth of her third child. She’s gone on to publish over 100 novels, with most of them going on to become USA Today bestsellers.

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  1. I really want to try this series out. I love the whole circus theme to it. Sounds pretty angsty. :)

    1. If you do read it, I hope you love it as much as I do :)

  2. I love seeing your reviews when you've enjoyed a book by this author. She rarely lets you down and your reviews are so happy for her books.

    1. She rarely lets me down, you're right. Her books always put me in a good mood and if I'm in a funk, they're just the thing to get me out of it :)


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