BEAR by Crimson Syn

August 17, 2019

BEAR by Crimson Syn

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When love is real, it finds a way
Hot diggity dayum!! Bear's story was crazy and sexy and intense and I enjoyed the heck out of this ride!

The moment Bear and Meg locked eyes, it was over for both of them. The pull between them was magnetic, their passion was finally ignited, and there was no stopping their collision. And things were beautiful for a time, but it always is at the first blush of love. However, a vengeful sheriff who didn't understand the word 'no' threatened everything these two stood for and their very lives. In order to protect the man she loves, Meg disappears, breaking both of their hearts in the process. Ten years later, she's back on Bear's radar. He's understandably upset, but Meg refuses to allow him to push her away. Their love is still very much alive. Can she win Bear's heart again? And will these two survive the danger headed their way?

Mixed in with the eroticism I've come to expect from this author was a story that had me on the edge of my seat. When would the sheriff show up and what would he do? What did a future for Bear and Meg look like? Crimson Syn always gives me a story full of heart along with sensual intimacy with doses of suspense. I've fallen in love with each one of these Hellbound Lovers and I'm willing to keep on falling. I am ALWAYS entertained and I can guarantee you will be too!

Book Synopsis
Bear by Crimson Syn
When I first laid eyes on Meghan Evergreen, that was it for me.
That’s where my life began.
She was everything I ever wanted.
Sweet, kind, loving, willing to put up with my a**.
Love at first sight. It was real and she was it.
I felt it in my bones.
I wanted to build a home with her, and I thought she wanted the same.
But like everything in my life, all good things come to an end.
And she was the one who tore it all apart.
Now, ten years later, she decides to barge into my life again.
She’s full of lies and deceit, secrets she keeps buried deep inside.
Secrets I need to know.
I’ll fight this feeling. I won’t give in.
I lost Meg once,
And she took my life with her,
But when the devil appears and wants to harm her,
I’ll do anything to protect her,
Even if it means losing myself to a long-lost love.
A love that could destroy me if I let it.

About Crimson Syn
Crimson Syn is a new erotica author. She delves into those hot and heavy stories where her characters are pushed to their sexual limits. Her wicked pen dips into every little niche, even if it’s wrong and kinky. Vanilla, BDSM, BBW and that twisted taboo is what she wants to make you crave.
Her Hellbound Lovers MC series is her first attempt at a bad boy biker series. If you're looking for sweet and innocent, you'll find it, but not in that wholesome way you're used to. No. Miss Syn delivers sex at its best, and the more innocent you are the more her alpha males will attempt to defile you.
Miss Syn is passionate about her family, her friends and her writing. Where she travels is her next setting, and her fantasies and dreams are her inspiration. She writes her alpha males tough and rough, and she expects for her female leads to be independent, bright women with lots of sexy curves.

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