ARC Review: ON THE EDGE by CD Reiss

June 12, 2018

On the Edge by CD Reiss
"In Iraq, I promised you a bed of rose petals." He grabbed my hand under the table, tightening his grip as if he were falling from a precipice and our connection was the only thing saving him from certain death.
"They were beautiful."
"You smell like apples. Roses were wrong." There was nothing soft about his tone, but his quiet words were for me alone. "I want everything to be right for you."
"Caden, look at me."
I caught his gaze and held it. He was confident. Arrogant. Sure he had a place in the world. And under that was the man who needed me to be that place.
"If I could…" He smiled and shook his head at a silly thought he wanted to dismiss but couldn't-a contradiction in keeping with the whole man I married. "If I could write my love in the sky, it wouldn't be big enough. I'd run out of room. I'd fall out of the air trying to say it all."
He was saying it all.
Every day.
And he was falling out of the sky to do it.

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My Review

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How do I even begin to summarize how this book made me feel in words? While my heart keeps breaking, I’m falling deeper and harder in love with Greyson and Caden. Even Damon has found his way inside my heart. Once again, CD Reiss has shown me why this series is a must-read. Her characters are broken and yet their survival and healing feels almost imminent. I keep thinking a solution is going to appear in the next chapter… and then the next… with no ‘cure’ in sight. Yet, I’m still wishing and hoping and praying because these characters are worthy of a happy ending.

While Caden is slowly coming apart while stubbornly and stoically believing he’s got it handled, Greyson doesn’t know what to do and I felt for her struggle. I admired her determination to stand by her husband and to lovingly support him. I believe she has more than proven how true her love for him is, especially now that she’s faced with no choice but to love all sides of him. Even if she felt like she was losing pieces of herself in the process.

I was con man and mark. Thief and victim. A willing dupe in my own web of lies.

Despite the pain, the uncertainty, the conflicts, the fights, and the honest-to-goodness frustrations both felt with their current situation, there was never a moment in which I doubted how committed Caden and Greyson were to each other. The author allowed their love for one another to bleed out, page by page. Beneath the discomfort and the pushing of boundaries, beneath the lashing out and the challenges, the intimacy of their union stood just as strong as ever.

I knew with the same conviction that the sun rose and set that I loved her.

Every part of Caden loved his wife. He wanted her with his whole heart and soul. She called to him and her very essence nourished all of his needs.

As for Greyson, as I said, her love for her husband was more than evident. When it came to her body’s needs, he more than satisfied all of them. Soft and slow, hard and fast, she loved her dominant lover as well as her sensual giver.

Or how about every time Greyson described his cock?! Hot freaking damn!!

I need the next book, Broken Edge, NOW!! July 10th people. Can’t come soon enough. I’m just saying, I didn’t even cover everything I thought, felt, or wanted from this book. I’m still coping with all that it gave me. If you pay attention to anything in this review, pay attention to this statement: READ IT!! And Enjoy! xo

My 5-star review of Rough Edge:

Release: 06.12.2018 | Genre: Dark Romance | Multiple POV 1st person | Heat: 4 | The Edge Series #2

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