Review: BLACK INK: PART II by N.M. Catalano

April 21, 2018

Black Ink by NM Catalano
Alexander Black

Ruler of an empire. An enigma. Ruthless and powerful.
Someone is setting him up, threatening to destroy everything he's built.
He's got one thing on his mind; keeping Gemma safe.

Gemma Trudeau

A pawn in a game.
It's a game she has no way of winning, with players who win only one way.

Black will not lose.

To him, it's no game. It's life and death.
And with Gemma, it's so much more.
It's resurrection, surrender, freedom, and something he never imagined he'd have.
What began as her awakening to his darkness leads to something else.

***18+, very strong sexual content, strong language, BDSM. Second part to a series, there is a bit of a cliffhanger.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alexander Black is described as enigmatic and it was even more evident in this instalment of the series. He's a giant bag of mystery and I'm enjoying discovering the many bits that make this character tick. As for Gemma, she still drove me a bit nuts, but I loved the draw these two shared between the pages. I was in erotic heaven as the suspense built up around them.

I need to own her completely, make her give herself to me heart, body, mind, and soul. I ache for her so deeply, there is a hunger in me that only she can satisfy. My darkness needs her, there is no denying it.

Everything is coming to a head and I'm excited to start the final part of this story. Not only was the writing so much better this time, but the intricate details were just enough to have me eager for more.

My review of book 1:

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