VENOM by Dee Garcia

October 14, 2019

VENOM by Dee Garcia
He lied to me. He used me.
He left me. And he broke me.

She's not the same Tink we all knew and loved
Okay. Okay. Alright. Now that my heart has stopped racing, I can tell you what I think of this book. Here's what I have to say: READ IT!! If you're a fan of the dark and twisted, of macabre delights, and of spine-tingling thrills, you NEED this book in your life!! Venom is a dark romance reimagining of the Neverland story we all grew up on and loved.

What I absolutely loved about this book was how far the author was willing to go to give us readers something unique and yet oddly familiar. We get the same characters with a completely different story. So while I felt I knew who these people were, I had absolutely no idea.

Tinksley: a young halfling (fairy/fae) who resides in Rosewood and is a true daughter of the people. She's everything pure and light. However, she's impetuous, reckless, immature, and childish. She fell in love with the one man everyone told her to stay away from and this love led to unexpected ruin.
Can't blame anyone. I really was a stupid child playing at being a woman, ignoring every red flag just to get my way...

Hook: well, first of all, he doesn't have a hook! 😁 He was the ruler of Rosewood. Everyone looked to him for answers and he was pretty adept at finding solutions. He was a centuries old vampire, a pirate, and he was quite used to getting what he wants.
What's sexiest about Hook is his confidence. He knows he's a walking masterpiece and he owns it.

So why not five stars? If I had one complaint? I wanted more time with Hook and Tinks as a couple. I love that they were the ones to introduce Dee Garcia's new series, but I wanted to see them really gel as one. So much of this story was Tinks fighting against everything he had to offer and, maybe I'm just plain greedy, but I just wanted more!!

He watched and he waited. He wanted Tinks, but he wanted her to want him in return. While she was blindly captivated by Pan, he knew all of the secrets. And when she is left devastated, he's the one holding her together. I think what, or rather who, I loved most in this book was Hook. He was this lethal, calculating, intelligent man and yet he was such a freaking gentleman. He was literally everything there was to love about this story. And honestly, for him alone, you should be as desperate to read this book as I was.

Dive into Venom, a dark paranormal romance!
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Venom by Dee Garcia
From the moment I befriended him, I set a conspiracy in motion.
A revolution.
Kill Peter Pan.
And I was their ultimate weapon.
I was also none the wiser, falling hopelessly and irrevocably in love with him as the years went by.
Just as they hoped I would.
But their plan comes to a screeching halt when Peter vanishes into thin air, something I’ll learn has nothing to do with Rosewood at all.
You see, Peter never truly loved me...because he loved a wench instead.
He lied to me, he used me, he left me, and he broke me.
Forever altering me in ways that incite revenge when Hook sweeps in with revelations and the ultimate truth.
Peter may have turned his back on me, but in the end, he and his precious little Wendy will choke on every last tear I once shed.
And I’ll have Hook to thank for that.

It’s no secret I always despised Peter Pan.
A common threat amongst the factions, I should’ve killed him when I had the chance, long before he sank his claws deep into Tinksley’s heart.
But his death at my hands wasn’t what the plan called for, despite how I felt for her.
I’d always been drawn to the girl, innocently enough at first…until that vile abomination marked her with his stamp, unleashing a sense of propriety I had no rights to.
Didn’t matter—he had her...and I wanted her.
Then like magic, he disappeared.
I thought my time had come, but the road to owning Tinksley’s heart comes with a price.
A price so dark and depraved it strips her of her purity and awakens the beast within.
All because of the truth.
Sometimes, there is honor in revenge, and it will be my utmost pleasure to watch as Peter Pan finally meets his maker.
His maker who will soon be my Queen.

About Dee Garcia
Self-published author Dee Garcia was born in Miami, Florida. A voracious fan of romance novels and a long time lover of the written word, her mission is to craft unique, compelling stories that will give her readers a place to briefly escape the monotony of everyday reality. With fierce, headstrong heroine’s and swoon-worthy, possessive Alpha males weaved into her thrilling tales, Dee hopes to leave her mark on the Indie world, one decadent plot twist at a time.

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