ARC Review: DEEP by M. Malone & Nana Malone

January 06, 2018

Deep by M. Malone and Nana Malone
I am the ghost that haunts your dreams. I am a liar, a protector…a killer…I am death.

You think you know my story, but you have no idea. My death was just the beginning.

In the years since I escaped the shadow organization that owned me, my vow to protect my family is the only thing that kept me alive.

Until I meet her.

Too bad I need the monster to protect her from the demons of her past.

Too bad she’s not that innocent.

Warning: I know you want the whole story right now. But that’s not how things went down. And I think you know by now when it comes to ORUS, things don’t always go according to f*cking plan.

(The Deep Duet unfolds over the course of two books)

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was absolutely captivated by this story. It may be absurd but my love for this story had nothing to do with Diana’s revenge plan, which dominated the plot. My utter devotion to this story had everything to do with Rafe. He was a phenomenal character to get to know. I’m sorry that I haven’t read the books that preceded this one because I found all of the characters of great interest and I’ll definitely be getting to those shortly. However, Rafe has completely snagged my attention and he’s not letting go of it any time soon.

I thought it was funny that although Diana was intent on seeking revenge on Rafe, his sexiness kept distracting her. Their connection was intense right from the start and I was happy to watch them slowly develop into something that could be really special. Unfortunately, with all of her lies, I can’t see this being an easy road. Despite the fact that I can’t stand Diana (and I’m hoping this changes in the next book), I couldn’t help but enjoy this story. I’m not sure if it was Rafe’s vulnerability, his understanding, his compassion, his fierce protective streak, his honorability, or his total awesomeness, but I’m definitely enamored with him.

It always upsets me when a heroine is deceitful and this one was beyond that. Her lies and deceptions can only hurt Rafe and her absolute blindness and ignorance in the face of his greatness irritated me. Obviously he wasn’t the man she thought he was. When confronted by the contradictions to her belief, why didn’t she question what she thought was the truth? In all her investigations, why didn’t she ever turn her binoculars on herself or her family?

That ending has left me anxious. I need Rafe to get his happy ending and I hope he gets all of the answers he deserves. And I’m really freaking hoping that Diana woman’s up and becomes deserving of a man as fantastic as he is. If you love a book full of hot sex, insane chemistry, subterfuge, and mystery, you’re definitely going to want to start this duet today!

Expected Release Date: January 8, 2018
Genre: Romantic Suspense
POV: Dual - 3rd person
Heat: 4 out of 5
Series/Standalone: The Deep Duet #1

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