Empathy by Ker Dukey

January 05, 2020

Empathy by Ker Dukey

I don't want to love.
I don't want to feel.
I don't want... empathy.

It's a cold, cold world

How can I accurately express how messed up this story was? Messed up and glorious! If you're looking for a dark and twisted read, something that will push your boundaries and have you wondering how you can possibly be fascinated with someone so effed up (it can't only be me), then you've come to the right place.
Some people are born predestined to become evil, to mark the world with their darkness. Some paint the world in techno color, I paint it in red; blood red.
Blake had never been a 'normal' person. His upbringing was bull, his life was bull, everything was just... bull! The only semblance of decency in his eternal darkness was his little brother, Ryan. A brutal assaut changes Blake's life forever, forcing him to live a life of duality - protective, caring guardian and police detective... and natural born killer. One 'job' turns into a disaster and Blake ends up leaving a survivor behind. Something about her draws him out, touches his cold soul. And he hates it. Melody became the bane to his existence... and his salvation.

“She's breaking inside, the fragile pieces coming away with the water as it pours down on her. Her sorrow is so tangible, it's as if her pain summoned the storm”
Ryan was a huge surprise and even though I knew he was hiding something scary, I had no idea how deep his evil really went. Dude was immoral, apathetic, deceitful, and dangerous. I don't know why I found his perspective so hilarous, but he was just so good at making me laugh. Honestly, there should have been nothing to laugh about in this book. People were dying. Blake and Melody were entangled in such a disturbing way and were having hot sex to boot. And then there was Ryan... manipulating, instigating, and causing mayhem wherever he went.

Empathy is one seriously insane read that has left me itching for more of its depravity, its darkness, its absolutely delicious wickedness. I'm off to continue this story with Desolate.

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About the Book

Empathy by Ker Dukey
I am a brother
I am a police detective
I am a contract killer
I don’t want to love
I don’t want to feel
I don’t want … EMPATHY.

They say some people are born with decreased activity in the front central lobe causing them a deficiency in empathy. Maybe that’s true about me but whether I was born this way or created in a moment of evil, empathy was something I didn’t possess until her green eyes met mine in the mirror and I couldn’t take her life.

I didn’t want to feel, didn’t want this woman in my life complicating how I lived but she was there at every turn. Sent to haunt me for my sins. Her light so bright she provoked a shadow from everyone she touched. When a job turns bad quickly altering my life forever I’m forced to feel. When nothing is making sense I’m forced to face truths I never would recover from. When life drowns you in its cruelty you don’t know which way the current will drag you or who you’ll become once you re-surface.

I was a daughter
I was a student
I was a victim
Did I have his love?
Did I make him feel?
Did I have his empathy?
When the actions of a soulless killer forces sorrow into my veins I never dreamed the man healing my wounds would be the one to leave the worst scar. His love would scar my soul. Scars are permanent; I will never feel the relief from them. Will I learn to live with them, remember why I have them and learn never to let him close enough to inflict more? Will I eventually cover them… like tattoos coating them with new memories, new love and new starts? I didn’t know these answers because the pain was too suffocating, the only thing I knew was they will always be under the surface lingering. He had scars too, from his sins. There is nothing that can cover them, they were too deep, too ugly, too dark and they marked us both forever.

Warning: This book will mess with your mind. It is a very dark, sexy, twisted romance novel. 18+ only.

Who is Ker Dukey?

Ker Dukey is based in the UK, where she lives with her husband and small children and also their beloved Goldendoodle, Murphy (who has yet to discover he isn't, in fact, a human)

When she's not lost in the world of her characters or being Mum, Ker likes to read and catch up with her followers on social media.

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