ARC Review: FALLING UNDER by Lisa Renee Jones

January 22, 2018

Falling Under by Lisa Renee Jones
Ex-special forces, Jacob King, is a man who keeps to himself, having learned the hard way that letting people close to you, trusting them, might just get you killed. A lesson he learned when members of his Special Ops team turned dirty, while others, men he considered friends, died. He made them pay. He made them hurt. He put them in jail. And so he doesn't trust anyone anymore. He keeps his women hot and fast, his friends few to none, and his clients through the elite Walker Security at a professional distance, but safe.

It works for him. Until it doesn't.

His newest job should be simple and cut and dry. Jewel Carpenter, the daughter of the CEO of Carpenter Enterprises, is receiving death threats. He's to protect her and find out who is issuing the threats.

Simple. Cut and Dry.

Until it's not.

Until the chemistry between he and Jewel is all about love, hate, and sex. But even as he fights the attraction to Jewel and discovers there is more to her than meets the eye, the real threat comes not from the threats she's receiving, but the connection she has to him. Because his past has come full circle, and those men he's made pay for their sins now want him to pay. And what better way than the woman in his bed?



My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an LRJ fanatic. A freaking fiend. I have to read everything she touches because she’s just that amazing. She crafts these intricate stories full of romance, mystery and suspense that always leave me awed with her talents. By the time I got to the end of Falling Under, I was speechless. It took me a while to even be able to put my thoughts to paper. That’s how you know an author has grabbed you by the gullet, in the best of ways.

Jacob King, ex Green Beret, accomplished assassin, and now a key member of Walker Security, has been tasked with watching the back of one of the most stubborn people he’s ever met. In fact, Jewel Carpenter, or should I say Detective Jewel Carpenter, may be just as stubborn as he is. Used to handling things her own way and needing absolute control, these two butt heads while working on her protection order. Their instant chemistry certainly doesn’t help matters. This case becomes only more complicated when it’s discovered that a simple threat is really someone stalking and haunting Jewel. She has become the clear target and Jacob will stop at nothing to make sure she remains safe, even if that means moving the target to his own back.

I loved these two characters so much. Jacob came off as aloof, cold and lethal, however, his humanity and vulnerability couldn’t help but shine through when he was with Jewel. She brought out a side of him that he wasn’t intimately familiar with and it was so fun to watch his thaw. As for Jewel, I’m a huge fan of strong female leads and I admired her dogged determination and relentless search for truth and justice. Together, these two were phenomenal. They bolstered each other’s strength and recognized each other’s weaknesses, all while being the person that the other could count on. I absolutely loved how Jacob was able to draw Jewel out of her shell. They each suffered so much pain and loss, but together they were able to see to the other side and that was a huge part of what made them magical to me.

If you love an intense, sexy and adrenaline pumping action read, you don’t want to miss the ones that Lisa Renee Jones seems to create like a wand-wielding, romantic suspense producing wizard!

Release Date: Jan. 23, 2018 | Genre: Romantic Suspense | Dual POV - 1st person | Heat: 3.5 out of 5 | Standalone - Book #3 of the Walker Security series with character crossover


  1. Excellent review!! I loved the Walker Security books from her!

    1. Thanks Richelle! I've loved everything she's published. <3 xoxo


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