The Determined Hero by K Webster & Nicole Blanchard

April 16, 2020

The Determined Hero by K Webster & Nicole Blanchard

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-- About the Book --
The Determined HeroOur world is dangerous and destroyed by our ancestors.
We’re a bunch of hulking, broody mortarekkers left on this wretched planet, and it’d be enough to frighten any alien female upon waking to see our ugly nogs.

But my mate isn’t frightened.
The moment she wakes, I claim her.
How could I not when she’s the bravest and most beautiful female to ever walk this earth?

Surprisingly, she’s excited for this new adventure. Eager to be my side. A heroine like in all the stories she so fervently retells.

We could even have the happily ever after she speaks of.
If only an army of evil, violent, cruel Kevins weren’t headed our way.

And I’m the one everyone is relying on to save them.

Each solar flies by quicker than the last. It’s a race to build a powerful weapon to blow them out of the sky and woo the prettiest female at the same time.

I’ve got this.
I’m a mort of many talents.
I’m one determined hero.

These Kevins think they’ll take away our happy ending?
I rekking think not.

-- My Review --
Everyone is on pawns and noodles as Molly says. Or is it nins and peedles?

This may just be the sweetest and easiest read out of the bunch! Many of you have realized how truly obsessed I am with this Lost Planet series. Watching each and every mort find their happily ever after has been such an amazing journey. Each time I think it will be smooth sailing, the authors throw me for a loop and I'm loving it!! And while Oz didn't have to fight hard to win the affections of his mate, their story was still quite entertaining. The future of the morts and their mates isn't guaranteed.

The Kevins are coming and the morts are desperate to come up with something to defend themselves. Oz is staying up, night and day, skipping meals and sleeping, to get his weapon completed. And while he's wholly devoted to his Whisper, he doesn't realize how wholly devoted Quinn is to him. So while he works himself ragged, she takes care of him and their relationship grows into something uniquely beautiful. It's instalove at its finest and I was on board for ever-y-thang!

I'm completely absorbed by this saga and I'm looking forward to what happens when the Kevins are here. The Arrogant Genius is next and we finally get Avrell's story!

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-- About the Authors --

K Webster

K Webster is a USA Today Bestselling author of over seventy-five romance books in many different genres including dark romance, taboo romance, contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance. When not spending time with her supportive husband and two adorable children, she's active on social media connecting with her readers.

Her other passions besides writing include reading and graphic design. K can always be found in front of her computer chasing her next idea and taking action. She looks forward to the day when she will see one of her titles on the big screen.

Can't find a certain book? Maybe it's too hot for Amazon! Don't worry because titles like Bad Bad Bad, This is War, Baby, The Wild, and Hale can all be found for sale on K's website in both ebook and paperback format.

Nicole Blanchard

Nicole Blanchard is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of gritty romantic suspense and heartwarming new adult romance. She and her family reside in the south along with their two spunky Boston Terriers, two chatty cats and a hamster with a Houdini problem.

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