ARC Review: DUTY by Bethany-Kris

October 07, 2018

Duty by Bethany-Kris
They say heavy is the head that wears the crown …

Andino Marcello’s world is turned upside down when he becomes the next heir apparent to the Marcello empire. He was comfortable in his place as a Capo, but comfort is for the weak in the world of mafioso. The boss’s seat is waiting. It takes meeting a tattooed beauty who has no idea who Andino is or the criminal legacy he now carries beneath his three-piece suits, and charming smile for him to finally bend the rules set out for him. That doesn’t mean he can keep her.

They say things that never challenge you won’t change you …

Haven Murphy is doing her own thing, and she does it well. The owner of a successful Brooklyn strip club, she makes it her only goal to never fail. She’s just trying to live her life when a morning jog puts her face to face with a man that will change the direction of her life with a single conversation. She knows there’s a dark side to him beyond his good looks, and three-piece suits, but it’s hard for her to care when she wants him. That doesn’t mean he can be hers.

He’s going to break her heart; she’s going to keep his.

Because duty waits on no one.

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I feel as if there's nothing the Marcello men and their legacies can do to make me love them less. With each story that Bethany-Kris creates, I fall more in love with these men. I'm infatuated with their individual characteristics and how all of them are so honorable and loyal to one another. Nothing comes before family and it shows in every book I become absorbed with.

I was really looking forward to Andino's story. I was already very much in love with him through the glimpses I've received along the way. This book...

I had a tear!! A gosh darned freaking tear!! Andino's story wrung a tear from my soul. I wasn't even sad. I was overwhelmed with how absolutely incredible he was. Much of his mannerisms and character were to be expected, such as his charm, intelligence, honor code, loyalty and morality. But this man was about so much more. He grew up in a life of privilege and yet he was so humble. He lived under a heavy cloud of expectations and yet strived for a little piece of normal. I felt the walls pressing in on him and I wanted to reach through and lighten his load.

I have no idea who this is but he was how I envisioned Andino. Drop-dead gorgeous, charismatic, and so sexy he had me wondering if wearing panties was a good idea. I loved me some him!

I realize that I should say something about Haven, but there's rarely a time that I don't like a heroine of this author's creation. This was one of those rare times. She really rubbed me the wrong way. She had some really high expectations when she said she had none. She seemed to understand that Andino had responsibilies and that his time wasn't for her alone, but she constantly gave him a guilt trip about it. I didn't hate her. I actually admired her. I'm just hoping that she eases up a bit in the story to come.

Okay, back to my new book boyfriend. He was on the cusp of inheriting a responsibility and it was making him miserable. But Andino was raised and learned the life at the feet of the great men of his family. Shirking his duty wasn't even a possibility. But could he pursue his happiness while appeasing his loved ones and accepting what is to come?

If you're anything like me, Vow (book 2) can't get into our hands soon enough. While I'm hoping these two finally get their lives together, I'm sure it won't be easy. BRING IT!!

Release: 10.08.2018
Genre: Mafia Romance
Dual POV - 3rd person
Heat: 4
Book 1 - Andino + Haven

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