DARK ILLUSION by Christine Feehan

August 27, 2019

DARK ILLUSION by Christine Feehan

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Two Halves Make a Whole
Ever heard the one about a mage, a Carpathian warrior, a book of evil, and the love of a lifetime? Dark Illusion is such a delicious story and I can't wait for you to meet Isai and Julija!

Isai's an honorable man who has spent centuries looking for his lifemate while defeating the forces of evil. He's handsome, honest, considerate, fierce, loyal, intelligent, strong, fearless and genuine. I cannot adequately describe the many ways I loved this hero. He was unreal! His patience with Julija knew no limits, which thankfully came in handy because she tested mine.

He would divide his attention, risk his life, even his soul for her. He might think he was wholly dark, but he had honor. Integrity. He was a man who walked in light even when he didn't see it around him. - Julija

Julija was a little hard to connect to at first, but in the end I adored her too! She came from a family of evil and yet she retained her light. While trying to save an entire race by destroying an evil book of spells, her family is hunting her down. Are they trying to kill her or do they want to recapture their pet? Her abusive ex, an extremely powerful mage, is also out there hunting for her, wanting her back in his control. However, Julija has much more power than even she expected and with the faith, love and guidance of Isai, she just might come into her own. After living a life ruled by fear and doubt, Isai has encouragd her to take charge, find her confidence, and to truly believe in herself. I'm in love with this man!!

Have I tempted you yet? If you love your paranormal romance full of action, incredible world building, impossible to resist characters, and yummy steaminess, then you definitely won't want to miss out on this book!

Book Synopsis
Dark Illusion
A mage and a warrior must see beyond their facades and embrace the bond that links their souls in this powerful Carpathian novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan.

At any other time, Julija Brennan would find solace in the quiet of the Sierra Mountains, but now the mage is in the race of her life. Having broken free from her controlling family, Julija's attempts to warn the Carpathians of the coming threat has failed and put a target on her back—and those who hunt her are close behind...

After centuries locked away in a monastery in the Carpathian Mountains, Isai Florea can't believe he's finally found his lifemate—the missing half of his soul. The second he sees Julija his world blazes with color. But despite their explosive connection Julija rebels against what she sees as Isai's intent to control her and rejects the bond that would prevent him from becoming a monster.

As their unfulfilled bond continues to call to them both, Julija and Isai aim to complete the task that brought them together. They are used to facing danger alone, but now the mage and the ancient warrior must learn how to rely on each other in order to stop a plot that threatens all Carpathians...

About Christine Feehan
Christine Feehan is a #1 New York Times bestselling author multiple times over with her portfolio including over 70 published novels, including five series; Dark Series, Ghostwalker Series, Leopard Series, Drake Sisters Series, the Sisters of the Heart Series and Torpedo Ink. All of her series have hit the #1 spot on the New York Times bestselling list as well. Her debut novel Dark Prince received 3 of the 9 Paranormal Excellence Awards in Romantic Literature (PEARL) in 1999. Since then she has been published by various publishing houses including Leisure Books, Pocket Books, and currently is writing for Berkley/Jove. She also has earned 7 more PEARL awards since Dark Prince.

I've been a writer all of my life -- it is who I am. I write for myself and always have. The ability to create pictures and emotions with words is such a miracle to me. I read everything; I mean everything! All kinds of books, even encyclopedias. I am fascinated by the written word and I love storytellers. It is a great privilege to be counted one myself.

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