Review: For Luca by Soraya Naomi

January 01, 2017

For Luca by Soraya Naomi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Chicago Syndicate #2
Release: October 25, 2014
Length: 260 pages

His betrayal destroyed her trust.

Luca did everything for Fallon. But as the underboss of the Chicago Syndicate, he has an entire organization depending on him, and she is a weakness he can no longer afford.

When Fallon’s life continues to unravel, she will need Luca more than ever, but can she move beyond all the lies and deceit?

Love still ties them together, but their secrets have driven them apart. Even after everything that’s happened, Fallon owns Luca’s heart, but the Chicago Syndicate owns his life.

How can he be with the woman he loves yet still remain loyal to an organization that lives by its own rules, above any law? It’s a choice he can’t afford to make, and when nothing is as it seems, the ultimate decision may mean life or death for Luca.

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My Review
For Fallon - ★★★★★

For the most part, I enjoyed this book as much as the first one. However, I docked a star for a couple of reasons: 1) both Luca and Fallon acted immaturely when trying to deal with their broken relationship. The back and forth absolutely killed me; and 2) Fallon took too long to learn not to keep secrets from her man and to ultimately trust in him.

This book still had it all. Angst. Drama. Murder. Torture. Abuse. Suspense. And best of all, love. The love definitely leaked through each page, despite how much these two fought against it.

Please note: this book does contain a potential trigger


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