Review: Violet by Abby Gale

April 21, 2017

Violet by Abby Gale
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Standalone - Club Numph #1
Release - July 18, 2016
Genre - Dark Erotic Romance
Heroine POV - 1st person
Heat - 5 out of 5
Length - 334 pages

What would you do for the ones you loved?
How far would you go?
Would you lose yourself and step into danger?
I did.
And I ended up as a pole dancer at Club Nymph, where everything began.
Ready to find a clue and solve the mystery.
I found more than I bargained for.
But I wasn't sure what I'd gotten myself into.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a fierce heroine and not one, but two beyond hot heroes. Graphic, sexual content including ménage. Intended for mature audiences.

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Angel is missing.
The trail ends at Club Nymph and that is where Dawn begins her search.
With no clues, Dawn does the only thing she can, she leaves Dawn behind and becomes Violet, a pole dancer looking for answers.

I admired Dawn's tenacity and determination. Her sister's case had gone cold but she was willing to put herself on the line to find her. Although this story had a dark feel to it, the author rewarded us with heavy doses of erotica to lighten its theme.

I'm not a fan of menage relationships. Ask anyone. Sorry, not sorry. I can appreciate a scene but when it gets to something deeper than that, my brain shuts off and I lose interest. That wasn't the case here. What's hotter than a gorgeous man who is totally into you and can satisfy you in ways no other man has? How about two identically gorgeous men?! I loved the dynamic between Dawn, Xander and Alex. From Alex we got the sweetheart with a tender touch and with Xander we were served a hot plate of Alpha male with a whole buffet of passion.

There was a tense undercurrent because of Angel's disappearance and when it all came to a head, many questions were answered and many were left unsolved. I'll be staying tuned because the biggest question is: what really happened to Angel?

* has menage scenes

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