ARC Review: THE PROPHET by Celia Aaron

May 05, 2018

The Prophet by Celia Aaron
I can’t save myself from the Cloister, and maybe I never could.
The Prophet grows more dangerous by the day.
His delusions are steeped in blood, and if I’m not careful, that blood will be my own.
Despite the growing risk, I still continue the search for the truth, no matter if the thorny path eventually twists back to Adam, guilt in his dark eyes.
I’ve seen glimpses of his soul, and I know there is more to him than the monster, but it’s so hard to reach him. I knew when I came here that I’d have to fight, I just didn’t realize the war would be waged on so many fronts.

Author's Note: If you have a trigger, this book will pull it. The Maiden is the first book of The Cloister Series. The Prophet will release in May, and the conclusion to the series, The Church, will release in June.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had a few questions going into The Prophet, such as:
1. Did any of the girls successfully escape The Cloister?
2. What would be the consequence of Delilah's escape attempt?
3. Would Adam show Delilah that he could be trusted?
4. Would these two characters finally realize that they were on the same side?
5. Would Delilah confide in Adam?
6. Will Grace die? LOL

The Prophet gave me so many of the answers that I was looking for, but it just gave me new questions going into The Church. That prophet was truly a monster and I don't fault Adam for his imagined patricide. Getting the story behind Adam's hatred for his father and Grace, my heart freaking broke. And while Adam wasn't as weak-willed or as blind to the truth as his father wished he was, he still had to suffer the ways of their Church and he couldn't find peace. That is until he met Delilah, who gave him his first ray of sunshine after a lifetime of pain.

Once again, there's a doozy of a cliffhanger. I'm not even sure how these people are going to get to the other side. If they're even going to get out. I just hope that the prophet gets his just desserts!

Release: 05.01.2018 | Dark Romance | Dual POV - 1st person | Heat: 4 | The Cloister, #2 | Review of The Maiden

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